Chanel PENSEE 277 Glossimer Swatches & Review

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We all know by now I love a good coral lip. I haven't grabbed up a Chanel Glossimer in awhile, but when I saw Pensee I knew she had to be mine! Pensee is a bit sheer, as you'll see below, but did I love it? Hmmmm ;) Read to find out!

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While beautiful, I did expect Pensee to be less sheer and more of a Coral-Red tint. It is a definite pink shade when swatched on my arm as well as on the lips. I haven't actually bought a Chanel Glossimer in awhile, I didn't like the stickiness, but this one is a lot less sticky than what I remember Chanel Glossimers being. This one feels very nice on my lips. The word 'nourishing' comes to mind!

Pensee has a beautiful shine and the shimmer is present, but not over the top.

Chanel Glossimers are available for $28.50 at your local department store Chanel counter/website or Pensee is limited edition from the Summer 2011 Collection, so if you love it, get it ASAP.

PS - How are you guys liking Chanel Fall? I ordered the Peridot polish, so that will be here tomorrow. I'm not really feeling the rest of it. The quad is beautiful, but it looks like Kaska Beige and Stupendous had a baby, and I have both of them. Too bad we can't truly breed Chanel quads haha