Chanel Jade Rose Le Vernis Nail Colour

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I've posted this color before, just a quick pinkie nail swatch... here is a full on NOTD with Chanel Jade Rose Le Vernis Nail Colour.

This is one of my "adult" polishes that I pull out when hubby has a work event or when there is a funeral, church... places where sparkle isn't an option.

I'm not REAL gaga for the color. It's not the perfect pretty pink that I've been searching for. Of course the formula is amazing, and it does go on well... Chanel is always top notch in that respect... but I can't get all mooney over it because (though pretty) it's not a fun shade. Yes, I could probably find something cheaper that would get the job done, but I loves me some Chanel polishes. And I feel like since this is for grown up times it's allowed to be high end. (In case you couldn't tell by now, I can justify any purchase. It's a gift and most people won't shop with me because of it lol I get them to purchase too much!)

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Chanel Nail Colour retails for $25 - this particular shade is going to be hard to find at your local counter, but is still available at - sign up for emails and every once in awhile you can get a free ship code for any purchase. They also send free samples with every order ;) One of my fav samples is the eye makeup remover!