Chanel FRISSON 543 Nail Polish Swatches and Review - Roses Ultimes de Chanel Le Vernis

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Let's just say ... thank heavens for crazy weather and the beautiful sun we have going on right now... because the flash photos of this polish were crud. The sun shows off the shimmer beautifully and the polish perfectly. *sigh*.

I've basically been stalking Nordstrom for Chanel Summer. It's probably really sad, but they always get it before anyone else and I'm convinced fate will intervene someday and it'll be there. Today wasn't that day, BUT they did have the display out of the Roses Ultimes de Chanel Le Vernis and Glossimers. I picked up a few, but this post will focus on Frisson Le Vernis Nail Colour.

What the Nordstrom website has to say about Chanel Le Vernis:

Brilliance to your fingertips with must-have colours from the runways of Paris. State-of-the-art formula strengthens and moisturizes nails. Unique patented non-spill bottle with wiping action for easy application.

Frisson is French for "Chill". I can't say this polish inspires me to chill out (for some reason with the word chill I think of a light blue or a grey shade!), but it certainly is a lovely shade of pale pink with fine golden shimmer. I used three coats for the swatch photos and you can still see visible nail line. Normally I don't like that, but with such a sheer shade it doesn't bother me too much. I love that it's a little mature, but the sparkle makes it fun!


Frisson reminded me a bit of Mica Rose, so while I was being rung up I swatched them side by side on my thumb nail. The shimmers are similar, and they are both light pink, but Mica Rose is more of a milky pale pink cream. You probably don't NEED both, but I liked how Frisson looked on me more (I'm not so down with milky pink).

Chanel Le Vernis retails for $26.00 Frisson can be found at fine department stores as well as at Chanel and