Chanel 437 EMPREINTE Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick Swatches & Review - Bombay Express de Chanel

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These exclusive Chanel collections are killing me! I don't know if I drool over them so much because they're harder to acquire or if it's because I'm truly lusting over them. Either way, I'm never disappointed once they arrive.

The newest mini-collection to hit is the Bombay Express de Chanel Collection. It's only 7 items deep with 4 of those being Limited Edition. I picked up 3 of the LE products, steering clear of the highlighter. It's pretty to look at, but I don't use highlighters that often and I don't know if I'd do anything with that one other than stare at it for hours... maybe days. 2012 never looked so good.

The first item I have to share with you is a Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick by the name of Empreinte. It was a no brainer to purchase this one, the Rouge Coco Shine formula is one of my faves!

What the Chanel website has to say about Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick:

ROUGE COCO SHINE Hydrating Sheer Lipshine provides lasting moisturizing shine in a water-light texture. The formula glides on for easy application, and a unique HYDRATENDRE complex hydrates and softens lips, giving them a healthier and fuller appearance. Available in a complete range of shades, from delicate beiges to dazzling berries, with a hint of shimmer to enhance a glossy finish.

Based off of the swatch on the website, I thought Empreinte would be a bit more peachy, but really it's a sheer (and rather perfect) glossy nude. I am wearing it heavily above and it definitely just looks like a balm with a very slight hint of a color. It's moisturizing, lasts about 2 hours, and leaves the lips looking plumped and glossy.


Personally, for my day-to-day, this is exactly what I go for. Plus, it's easy to reapply because you don't need to stress out about staying in the lines. However, I'm sure most of you are not going to pay Chanel prices when you can go to a drugstore and buy something similar for A LOT cheaper.

Chanel Empreinte Rouge Coco Shine retails for $32.50 and is available at for a limited time.