Chanel DISTRACTION 549 Nail Polish Swatches and Review – Roses Ultimes de Chanel Le Vernis

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As I mentioned in my previous post, which was Chanel Frisson Le Vernis, I finally got to check out the the display of the Roses Ultimes de Chanel Le Vernis and Glossimers. I picked up a few, but this post will focus on Distraction Le Vernis Nail Colour.

What the Nordstrom website has to say about Chanel Le Vernis:

Brilliance to your fingertips with must-have colours from the runways of Paris. State-of-the-art formula strengthens and moisturizes nails. Unique patented non-spill bottle with wiping action for easy application.

(indoors, with flash)


(outdoors, in sun, no flash)


Distraction has a deep coral base with fine blue shimmer that made me think it to be duochrome based off of looking at the bottle in store. The effect didn't translate on the nail as much as I'd hoped, but if duochrome were ever meant to be demure, this polish would be it. I used three coats for the swatch photos, basically because I was trying to get the blue to pop as much as possible, but you'd be fine with two coats.

Chanel Le Vernis retails for $26.00 Distraction can be found at fine department stores as well as at Chanel and