Chanel Collection Reverie Parisienne Swatches + Review // Spring 2015

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Christmas shopping has been rough this year! I consider it a gift that while I was trudging around the mall my Nordstrom just happened to be getting in the Chanel Spring 2015 Collection Reverie Parisienne and they let me check it out and buy a few pieces! Keep reading to check out the Les 4 Ombres in Tisse Fantaisie 236, Jardin de Chanel Blush in Camelia Rose, Rouge Allure Lip Colour in Badine 154 and all three Le Vernis in Tenderly 641, Desirio 643 and Paradiso 645.

Chanel Collection Reverie Parisienne Spring 2015 Makeup

I've got to start things off with the eyes. At first I didn't think Tisse Fantaisie($61.00 // Nordstrom) would be so perfect. Of course it's beautiful. But when I swatched it all of the air went out of my body. The four shades you'll find in this one are a peachy pink, icy white, golden khaki (it almost looks mint toned but it's not), and a reddened chocolate brown. I'm a big fan of this new formula that Chanel has put out with their quads and I can't wait to get my hands on more - it's really pigmented and not at all frosty yet gives a sheen to the color. Tisse Fantaisie is LIMITED EDITION. I have a feeling this one will go, you guys. The other quad available, Tisse Paris, is permanent.

Chanel Tisse Fantaisie Les 4 Ombres Review
Chanel TISSÉ FANTAISIE Eye Shadow Swatches

I tend to like a darker eye look because I keep my lips on the light side, so after applying an eye shadow primer I put the chocolate brown shade all over the lid leaving just a bit of the inner corner open. Next I took the peachy pink shade and applied that at the inner corner but taking it into the chocolate shade. The golden khaki is in the crease and blended up. With the icy white shade I dabbed some at the inner corner outside of the peachy pink and also used it to blend out the crease and highlight. A bit of the golden khaki is smudged beneath the lower lash line and I also used a bit of Marc Jacobs Ro(Cocoa) Highliner-Gel Crayon on the lower water line. I'm not wearing mascara because I currently have eye lash extensions on, so my not-so-real lashes are bare.

Chanel Tisse Fantaisie Les 4 Ombres Eye Look

Are you on pins and needles over this gorgeous blush yet? When I swatched Camelia Rose Jardin de Chanel Blush($55.00 // Nordstrom) in store I thought it might be too light for me and who wants to spend that kind of change on a blush you really can't wear. Okay, I probably would... you know how I am about packaging and pretty designs. The Chanel artist insisted she put it on me and I'm so glad I let that woman touch my face. It's the perfect pink for all year round. The imprint will eventually go away (sad) but it's stunning on... IMO... worth it (yes, I said it). Of course, this is limited edition.

(L-R: Badine Rouge Allure Lip Colour, Camelia Rose Blush w/ the two shades swatched separately then blended)

Chanel Camelia Rose Jardin de Chanel Blush Swatches

For the lips I really only fell in love with one shade - Badine Rouge Allure Lip Colour ($35.00 // Nordstrom). You have to (well, I have to) be careful with these types of lollipop pinks. They tend to get hyper on me and while it'll look good swatched it will go on my lips and wig out. This shade lightened a bit when I wore it and just may be the pink lipstick I've been searching for my whole life. The formula was moisturizing and felt wonderful. Wear time was 3-4 hours sans eating and drinking. Badine is limited edition.

Chanel Badine Rouge Allure Lipstick Swatches

In the look below I'm wearing Camelia Rose on my cheeks and Badine on my lips. The eye breakdown is as stated above =D

Chanel Spring 2015 Lipstick Blush swatches

When I finally got to the Le Vernis($27.00 each // Nordstrom) nail polish shades I already had it in my head that I'd be buying all of them. I mean, this is Chanel! I actually didn't fall in love with Desirio until I tested it out. I always get fabulous wear time from Chanel Le Vernis, lasting at least 5 days every time. All three of these shades are limited edition.

Chanel Collection Reverie Parisienne Le Vernis Swatches Review

Paradisio is a frosty mint shade. This is three coats shown, so it is on the sheer side.

Chanel Paradisio Nail Polish Swatches

Tenderly is a dusty vintage violet cream. Two coats shown.

Chanel Tenderly Nail Polish Swatches

Desirio is a rose pink and though you can't tell from the photo it has that very slight shimmer to it that Chanel is known for. One coat is shown below and that looked fine IRL, but for photos I probably needed two.

Chanel Desirio Nail Polish Swatches

What are you planning to pick up from Chanel Spring 2015? Or is this all on your wishlist for Mr. Claus? ;)

Chanel Collection Reverie Parisienne is currently available at and Nordstrom.