Butter London WALLIS Nail Polish Swatches & Review

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When you google "Wallis" a lot of things come up... from a town in Texas all the way to women's fashion. I would imagine, though, since this is Butter London, that the polish is named for Wallis, Duchess of Windsor. Based off of the Wikipedia info, I can totally imagine this royal sporting Wallis, just based off of the belt in the photo! Looking info up on ButterLondon.com I do see that it was named for a "saucy yank"... Being that the Duchess WAS from my home state of Pennsylvania (go, her!) I'd say my google search went quite well ;)

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The color of Butter London Wallis makes me think of what would happen to Chanel Peridot if it had a 5 hour energy drink and a pint of vodka. It's sort of this fierce olive green/gold shade that pops more when you put it on your nails. It didn't really call to me in the bottle, I just bought it because it was the one I liked the most from the Fall line. No More Waity, Katie was also released again as part of this line, but I'd gotten it previously in an Ulta exclusive set. And... now that I'm sitting here looking at swatches, I'd like to get my hands on Knees Up too!

Wallis covered well in 3 coats and went on smoothly. I don't personally have anything like this in my stash. There are some olivey greens in there, but none this saturated.

Butter London Polishes retail for $14 each and are available at Ulta and Nordstrom, as well as at butterlondon.com. Wallis is marked "on holiday" on the BL site, but I've still seen quite a few of them at my local Ulta and Nordies, so be sure to call and check on availability!