Butter London TROUT POUT Lippy Lipgloss Swatches and Review

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Who isn't a fan of Butter London? They are an A+ brand with A++++ products for the nails. Recently, Butter London has expanded their line of beauty and released a few lipglosses that match up color-wise with some of their polishes.

Being that I can't get enough of Butter London Nail Polish, I had to test these lipglosses out for myself! To start off, I purchased one shade of Lippy Lipgloss in Trout Pout. Unfortunately, I won't be purchasing any more unless the formula is tweaked. Read on to find out why!

What the Ulta website has to say about Butter London Lippy Lipgloss:

Lippy is a range of long-wearing, lacquer like lip glosses in shades to match Butter London's famous nail lacquers.

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Trout Pout is a beautiful and decently pigmented shade of pinked coral cream. It has my favorite type of applicator, doefoot, and the packaging is sleek and simple.

That, unfortunately, is where the positive part of this review ends.

Lippy Lipgloss is the stickiest lipgloss I've ever had on my lips, bar none. I couldn't even wear test this like I do with a new product because I couldn't wait to wipe it off. I imagine the stick would make it last a little longer than another lipgloss, but when it feels like that why would you want it to?

The scent was floral and over powering, giving me a bit of a headache, and another reason I needed to wipe this one off stat.

Bottom line, for the price of these lipglosses, $17.00, I expect A LOT more. Especially when drugstore brands like Wet N Wild charge $2.00 for a gloss that has zero stick and the pigment is just as nice.

If you want to check the Butter London Lippy Lipgloss out, they are available in 5 shades at Ulta and Nordstrom. I do hope that BL redoes the formula, the shade of Trout Pout is one of my faves and I wish I could give it a home in my holy grail drawer =(

Have you tried these out? What do you think about the formula?