Butter London TART WITH A HEART Nail Polish Swatches and Review - Holiday 2011

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For Holiday 2011Butter London has released 3 new nail lacquers - Tart With A Heart, The Black Knight, and Fairy Lights. Originally, when I saw the swatches, I only wanted The Black Knight, however, once you see Tart With A Heart in person, you cannot pass it up!

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 (L-R: 4 coats - ring finger, 3 coats - middle finger, 2 coats - ring finger, 1 coat - pinkie)

Tart With A Heart is a brilliantly gorgeous, though rather sheer polish that is mostly a gold glitter but also has a fair amount of larger holo glitter, which gives it a nice dimension. Like a golden lucky charms rainbow on the nail. Put this over a pretty green polish and you have your St. Patricks Day mani ;)

It can be worn alone (4 coats gives ok coverage, it's so glimmery it works) or layered on top of your favorite polish for a bling bling holidazzle effect.

This particular Butter London Nail Polish was purchased in a set at Ulta called Holiday Dressing Table along with the shade The Black Night (to be reviewed). This set retails for $25. I'm unsure if you can buy these separately at Ulta, but you CAN purchase them separately at ButterLondon.com for $14 each.