Butter London PRIMROSE HILL PICNIC, SNOG Nail Polish and Lippy Swatches and Review

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Previously, I reviewed a Butter London Lippy (in Trout Pout) and had less than fabulous results. I recently received two sets (Primrose Hill Picnic and Snog) to consider for swatching and review purposes, and am really excited to give them another go. I love the concept and the polishes, so I'm hoping for better results with the Lippy products!

Let's see how it all panned out!

The nail products:


Primrose Hill Picnic Nail Lacquer

Snog Nail Lacquer


Both polishes have phenomenal application and wear. Two different, yet beautifully complementing shades of pink. Butter London has never let me down in terms of polish and nail care. Two coats were used in the swatch photos.


The lip products:

(L-R: Primrose Hill Picnic, Snog)


Primrose Hill Picnic Lippy

Snog Lippy


Primrose Hill Picnic and Snog Lippy's are both beautiful shades of pink with nice pigment. The applicator is a doe-foot wand, and the formula is easy to apply.

Unfortunately, the stickiness level is the same as with Trout Pout. However, I did some playing around, and if you put on a light chapstick underneath, such as Yu-Be Lip Therapy, it makes the Lippy Lip Gloss much more bearable.

The scent (floral) is also just as overpowering on these two as it was with Trout Pout.

The best thing I can tell you is to try these out in person. Depending on how much you like or dislike the sticky feeling, you may like one gloss better than the other... and not because of the shade.

If you want to check the Butter London Lippy Lipgloss out, they are available in 5 shades at Ulta and Nordstrom. The Lippy retails for $17.00 and the Nail Lacquer retails for $14.00.

Have you tried these out? What do you think about the Lippy formula? I'd be a happier camper if they were unscented and MUCH less stickier. The quality level of the Lippy needs to be more on par with the top-notch level of the polishes.