Bumble and bumble Color Minded Hair Care Review

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This is just going to be one of those quickie type shout-out posts. Mostly because I'm reviewing a system as a whole, and it would be A LOT of info to swallow. Also, it's pretty awesome stuff, so I wanted to share =)

Back in June I got a fun Klout perk from Bumble and bumble and it was three pieces of the Color Minded Hair Care System. So, in my hands, I had the Shampoo ($29.00), the UV Protective Polish ($28.00), and the UV Protective Styling Balm ($28.00). I have been going through so much hair care for review and testing that just now I've been able to give it a go. Let me say, I shouldn't have waited! I am in love! The scent was amazing and my hair looks luscious!

One tip - watch with over-use of the Polish. You just need a VERY little bit. I actually flip my head over and run my hands through the underside, and then use the excess for the top side of my hair. That way, it's still getting a bit of product but not turning my hair into an oil slick (it does that just fine on it's own!).

I loved the smell and how the shampoo made my hair feel so much that I actually went to Sephora and purchased the Color Minded Conditioner ($32.00). (If you've read this blog for even a month you know that I can't freaking STAND to get a system for my hair that says to use with the conditioner, but you don't get the dang conditioner).

My only con with this system, is the cost. Ouch =\


If you like to keep your hair and it's color looking lovely, you'll definitely want to check out the Color Minded System from Bumble and bumble.

***Disclosure - the Shampoo, Styling Balm, and Polish were received free as a Klout perk. I purchased the conditioner myself from Sephora. This post also contains an affiliate link.