Breakups to Makeup The Mommy Bag Review

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Moms have all their goodies organized in their bags and we always tell our kids to stay out.. but we know that our kiddoes make the rules! In honor of the arrival of the first born son of Breakups to Makeup CEO/Founder Angelique Velez a new line of accessories and apparel has launched. B2M by Breakups to Makeup is targeted toward moms AND kids with the inaugural product being The Mommy Bag ($15.00 // Breakups to Makeup).

Break Ups To Makeup Mommy's Makeup My Rules

This bag is perfect for holding all of your little ones necessities. Some days my daughter has her makeup in there, other days her Shopkins. It's really all about what's the most important to her at that moment. It measures 7" W x 5.75" H and has a flashy red interior. My daughter loves the design and says she feels like a big girl since she has a similar makeup bag to mommy! ;)

What would your kiddoes keep in their B2M Breakups to Makeup The Mommy Bag?

B2M by Breakups to Makeup The Mommy Bag retails for $15.00 and is available on the website.

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