Blushing Noir NutriSystem Update Week 4 #NSNation #ad

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It's already time for another NutriSystem update! I can't really think of anything that I did this week to back-track, but I know I wasn't perfectly on plan since I was sick. Just a cold, I think, but enough to be a hot mess when it comes to food and eating. Luckily, I feel better and I'm ready to tackle the upcoming week!!

Things I was bad about this week.... I wasn't good at keeping up with my book. You know, the one I usually post as my pic with all of my goodies written down on it. I did it online, but I also like to keep the written copy. I'm old school like that and I also feel like it keeps me more accountable. I also had more diet coke than I should have. We're allowed that on NutriSystem, but while perusing the boards and blogs on the website I saw someone say that caffeine can slow down weight loss. Because of that little tidbit of info I had been trying to watch my intake.


Regardless of my bad, I still lost 1.5 pounds for a 4 week total loss of 11 pounds! I'm so pumped! Here's to 11 more!

For this next week I plan to get back on point with writing in my book, cut back on the diet coke and keep up with my water. I have a wedding coming up on Saturday, so wish me luck with that one!

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