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Generally, I don't eat breakfast. I usually wake up in the morning and immediately start getting my kids the things they need for breakfast and for camp/school or just for the day in general. It's hectic and a little stressful, so as things settle I just grab a coffee and sit down to start my work.

Through the day I don't feel hungry. Around 2pm I realize I didn't eat yet and I walk around the kitchen and see nothing that I want, so I pick randomly at things. By dinner time I'm running around much like breakfast and I sit and pick at food and keep jumping up and down to get things for the kids and I'm usually tense and don't eat until they go to bed... around 8-9pm.

Bad habits! I eat the wrong things and likely not nearly enough. My body is probably all WTF at me.

On the first day I started out with this I was starving. But, as I went through the week and learned what foods to add in, things got much easier. On Day 4 I actually had issues where I wasn't hungry at all and didn't want any food. I forced myself to eat and stay on plan and in another day or so my appetite was back (and under control).


Because I had heard such mixed reviews on food taste I was a little iffy and nervous about trying things, but it's all been AMAZING. Some of the portions looked really small, but when you add in the side items your plate fills up fast. In other portions I thought they were big (which made me happy lol). The Chicken & Dumplings are to die for... omg.

I only came across two things this week that I wasn't a fan of - the Chicken Breast and the Orange Cranberry Pastry. Everything else was so yummy and flavorful. I was really surprised about how everything looked, smelled and tasted.

Now for the fun part! At my weigh in yesterday I lost SEVEN (7) pounds!  How does that happen?! I followed this plan to the "T" and definitely noticed WAY more energy. But... wow. Clearly, that wasn't expected this week and definitely not any other weeks... but it's definitely a fabulous and motivating start!

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