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Summer ain't over yet, baby.

We still have MANY days left of pool or beach time. And, if you're in any of the warmer weather states, you have an infinite amount of time left to wear your favorite bikini. Which, obviously, you'll want to do without the embarrassment of a rash or bumps on your sensitive bikini area.

Bikini Zone has a range of products to help you look as sexy as you feel.

From the website:

So how exactly are bumps born? A few ways, actually. One is ingrown hairs. These pesky bumps pop up when a hair curls back into the skin instead of growing straight out. Another cause is the formation of tiny, pimple-like blemishes created by irritation. And last but not least, some bumps are actually tiny scabs that result from the abrasions that occur during hair removal.

Razor burn and irritation occur when the skin is chafed during hair removal. Imagine if you fell and scraped your knee, it would turn red and be irritated, right? It's kind of like that.

On to the good news--Bikini Zone is specially formulated to put the brakes on bumps and irritation. First, it contains an analgesic to soothe away pain and irritation. It improves healing by speeding along new skin cells to replace the scraped ones, eliminating redness and razor burn. Lastly, it dries out the small, acne-like blemishes and exfoliates the skin to help prevent hair from curling back into the skin to form an ingrown hair bump. With Bikini Zone, your skin will look and feel better.

By using these products, it's said that you will instantly be without redness, irritation, and itching.


So, does it work?

I've been testing these products for about a month, several times a week. After the first use, there wasn't a huge improvement immediately, but after using it regularly, bumps and irritation faded and shaving actually became easier. No bumps, no bleeding, no irritation. I only wish I knew about this product sooner! It'd be a long time HG for sure!

Your best bet for the product is to start using it before you know you're going to the beach, so that by the time the beach or pool day roll around you're free, clear, and ready to sun.

Pick up Bikini Zone products at these locations and don't forget your coupons!

Now, on to what I'm sure you're all waiting for... the Giveaway!!

This giveaway is open to the contiguous US only (no Hawaii or Alaska) and will end at midnight on August 16, 2012. Sorry, my dears, this ships directly from the sponsor … be on the look out for an upcoming Giveaway from me, which will be an International one.

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