Benefit Instant Brow Pencil & Gimme Brow Swatches & Review

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I'm unofficially naming these two products the dynamic duo. Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium and Benefit Instant Brow Pencil in Light to Medium saved my face. How? Well, I recently went very blonde. LOTS of highlights later, my brows were way too dark. I ran off in search of a lighter shade to fill in my brows and while I was perusing the shelves of Sephora I remembered a video from Raeview where she sang the praises of both of these Benefit products.

The Instant Brow Pencil($20.00) is available in three shades. I chose the lightest shade which is light to medium. The shade of this pencil is perfect for what I needed and is waxy enough to groom the brows easily without making them look heavy. Because this pencil is more waxy than not I suggest filling in a bit, then brushing through with the spooly side. Keep doing that as you go through the whole brow and you'll have perfection at the end!


The Gimme Brow($22.00) gel is only available in two shades, so I also chose light/medium in this one. As far as formulas go it's your general, water-resistant tinted brow gel. The brush is what makes it special. It's a teeny tiny tapered spool brush, which makes it easy to fill in my thin brows and not get extra gel product anywhere that it shouldn't be, thus ruining my eye look. This product kept my brows looking tamed and groomed all day.

I'll probably actually keep up with these shades for awhile. I'm keeping the hair light but thinking of lacing some caramel through in a month or so. My other brow pencils will likely still be too dark to go back to just yet.

What are your thoughts on this duo?

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