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On the heels of one of my purge/de-stash sessions and a bit of organization the Beauty Spotlight Team started a series on Beauty Storage & Organization. This is my week and, let me tell you, it really needed done. Yes, again.


A month or two ago I went through some of my makeup and got rid of it - and I tried to be as ruthless as possible. It was just time. The items I got rid of were either old (and now live that garbage life) or were something I never reached for (given to friends/family). Of course, I couldn't get rid of everything that I don't reach for constantly (what kind of beauty blogger/collector would that make me?!). One of my favorite places that items went were to a nursing home. I sent my husband in to work with a huge box of items and one of his co-workers took ALL of the nail polishes to a nursing home where volunteers painted the residents nails. It's now a "thing" there and I'm so excited the polishes went to a good home and are making people smile and feel pretty!

When my day for this series approached I realized I still had a lot more to do. I'd purchased a few more items to help me organize things as well as bought a new mirror and I hadn't even opened any of it yet. Below are pics of most of my makeup storage - don't worry, I'll be more descriptive underneath. ;)

My vanity is from Kirklands, I believe. My husband bought it for me at some point in time during the first year we were dating (so this is back in 2003). There's also a matching full length mirror. I'm trying to be an adult and get a new one, but you know in your head when you want something you have to find exactly that and you can't settle or be happy with anything else? I'm on the hunt for an antique vanity. The problem is, they're expensive and people are rarely selling them (around here, anyway) unless they're all busted up to the point where you can't redo anything.

On top of the vanity I have the Zahra Beauty x Coffee Break With Dani 5 Slot Organizer ($25.00 // Zahra Beauty). This is a recent purchase and I thought it would be fabulous for keeping all of the brushes, eye liners, lip pencils and mascaras that I use the most frequently right where I can see them. Too often I'm digging around in my liners and I can never find what I'm looking for. Now, it's right there in front of my face. I believe it's limited edition, so if you love it, pick it up now! In front of that I got theIsaac Jacobs Acrylic Makeup Organizer ($13.90 // Amazon) just to hold a few more easy-to-grab essentials like lipsticks, glosses, primers... I also finally picked up a simplehuman Sensor Mirror ($200.00 // Neiman Marcus) and got rid of my old one. The look of the simplehuman really cleaned up the vanity and gave me a lot more space.

beauty storage makeup organization zahra beauty isaac jacobs coffeebreakwithdani makeup brushes tools

Under my vanity is a 3-drawer Organizer Cube that I picked up at Michael's. It was my original storage for my polishes and now holds hair products for myself and my daughter. I also have a lazy-Susan in that Tiffany blue shade... I picked it up at Ross or Marshall's... something like that... and it's probably for crafting but it holds makeup brushes. Before I got the 5 Slot Organizer from Zahra it held ALL of my brushes. Now it holds extras and back-ups.

Beauty Storage makeup organization for beginners easy to use new

To the right of the vanity is a tall jewelry armoire that I found on Craig's List (and lived to tell the tale, woooo!). Originally I gutted the inside to hold my makeup but grew out of that pretty quickly and moved it all to the Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Wide ($415.00 // Sherrieblossom) on top. In the ICEbOX are more items I use frequently enough to not put them back in my beauty room. In the jewelry armoire I now have only jewelry and some skincare.

Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Makeup storage beauty organization
Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Makeup storage beauty organization open

Below is the beauty room, aka where the magic happens! It holds everything I can't bear to part with and favorite items that I use for special occasions, bright or bold looks... etc. To build the desk we went to IKEA picked up two Alex Drawer Units($79.00 // IKEA) and a long table top. I keep all my "beauty to do" and flower props on top of it and it's never this clean and organized. Ever.

Underneath are bags of product to give away on the blog and also to give to friends/family/donate. Fun fact: this room was supposed to be a master bathroom when we built our addition. Momma needed a beauty room! Some day we'll figure it out and make it a bathroom lol

IKEA Alex beauty storage makeup organization blogger
inside my beauty room storage organization

On the other wall is a tall white storage cabinet. Two of the shelves are used to hold nail art items, makeup bags and some backups of my favorite beauty products. The rest of the cabinet has items for my etsy Sticker Shop, scrapbooks and play-doh. Because, mom life.

beauty makeup storage organization cabinet

I also have a lot of lotions and body washes... shampoos and those types of things in my bathroom, but I felt like this post was definitely long enough lol We can save bathroom beauty storage for another time ;)

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How do you organize your beauty products? Let me know in the comments!!

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