BEAUTY BOX 5 Photos, Swatches & Review – March 2014

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The theme for the March 2014 Beauty Box 5 is Spring Cleaning! Making your skin gorgeous from head-to-toe is the goal for this month and I'd say they hit the nail on the head with that one! I went off and had myself a little at-home spa day with these products!

BB5 March 2014 Swatches Review Beauty Box 5

From Jane's Pick, All Natural Soaps. Mine isn't marked but I believe it's "Gentle" which is a blend of Eucalyptus & Aloe and I love it to pieces. I always buy the Eucalyptus scent at Bath & Body Works, so this soap is perfect for me! Each bar is unique because they're handmade. I love this because it's all natural and you can lather it up and use it as a shaving cream too!

March 2014 Beauty Box 5 Review Swatches
March 2014 Beauty Box 5 BB5 What's Inside

From Tree Hut, Shea Body Butter. I got the scent Coconut Lime and it smells flipping amazing. I sniff it and feel like I'm at the beach and it made my skin feel so soft and smooth. It also has anti-aging properties so that makes this product a double win!

From Bellapierre Cosmetics, Makeup Base. This can be an illuminator, concealer or even an eyeshadow primer! I like it for concealing because it hides all the bad without becoming cakey through the day.

From H2O Plus, Hand & Nail Cream. This cream is nice because it really nourishes the skin but doesn't get greasy at all. If you need to put a cream on your hands and head out the door or go to bed in a few seconds then this is a good one to keep on hand (no pun intended heh). There is a slight, powdery floral fragrance to it. Not my favorite, but not offensive.

From Swissco, Dual-sided Facial Pad. While I don't like the idea of using this on my face (my skin is pretty sensitive) it would work well for the rest of the body... it's almost tanning season so, for me, that means self-tanning season! Exfoliation is key for the perfect glow in a bottle ;)

(I know. I went overboard on the St. Patrick's Day festivities on the above pic. Promise, I'm done now until the next holiday!)

Beauty Box 5 Subscription March 2014 Swatches Review


While this box was super heavy with the skincare I was especially excited for the Jane's Pick Soap and the Tree Hut Shea Body Butter. While I definitely don't want any other boxes to be so incredibly skincare based I thought the theme was cute and the products definitely necessary for breaking my skin out of these Winter weather doldrums! Based off of this box it’s clear that the service is worth the $12.00 price tag. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for April!

What is Beauty Box 5Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty subscription service that is curated by a team of beauty experts. With each shipment you’ll receive 5 samples for $12.00 (monthly). You can also choose to save some cash and sign up for $30.00 and be billed quarterly or $99.00 and be billed yearly. Shipping is FREE and your membership also gets you exclusive discounts from partner brands.