Beauty Bloggers Share Their Most Memorable Valentine's Day!

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As Valentine's Day begins (and isn't it so fabulous it's on a Friday?! You have all weekend to celebrate!) I thought it'd be fun to hear from a few of your favorite Beauty Bloggers on what their most memorable Valentine's Day was.

Beauty Bloggers Valentine's Day

"When Ray and Dave found out that a movie I've been excited over - Vampire Academy - was coming out for Valentine's Day, they told me that they were taking me to the nice movie theatre (the one with leather seats, you buy your seat online, they serve nice food and alcohol) to see the movie and then dessert afterwards at the Cheesecake Factory or the Melting Pot, my choice. I love having the people I love know me well enough to know what I'd like."

Honey at HoneygirlsWorld
"My husband and I have been married almost 13 years (April) and have been together over 16. I'm not going to lie... I'm so lucky to have a husband that treats every day like Valentine's Day and doesn't wait until that day to show me how much he appreciates and loves me. We have shared many awesome Valentine's Days together and while I remember each and every one of them... I always remember this particular one. In 2002, my husband worked at a local club and I would go and meet with him after I finished my day job. I had spent the last 3 weeks hiding from him a surprise that I had been working on. I made 2 dozen lavender roses out of paper and assembled them in cellophane like they were a part of a bouquet. I really wished I had taken a photo of it back then (but camera phones were not readily available then like they are now). It looked so real and as he had it displayed, everyone stopped to look at it. He was so impressed and proud of his flowers I made for him. That night he gave me a bouquet of roses (I wasn't expecting them since he had to go into work early and set up - I didn't think he had the time, but in true Kevin form, he was prepared and planned accordingly). He then requested the DJ (it was a Valentine's Day evening at the club) to play our song... "All My Life" by K-Ci & Jojo and we danced like we were the only ones in the room. It may seem like a simple moment, considering all the others my husband and I have experienced together... but as I mentioned, Valentine's Day for me really is everyday and I'm lucky that my husband treats me as such. When you have a special love like we have - everyday is Valentine's Day!"

Kathryne from TheFabZilla
"Call us corny but everyday seems like Valentine to me and my hub. I think what's more interesting to share is how we knew we were "the one". During our courtship stage, we randomly talked about zombies. He asked me how to kill a zombie, being a zombie fanatic that I am of course I knew the answer. Then I asked him back, why do zombies go to the mall. I was floored when he knew the answer. So there, that was the beginning of a more profound relationship. Can I just say we found love amidst zombies? So to answer your question, watching zombie flicks at home with me mindlessly screaming and swearing at zombies will be our "romantic date". No holds barred, foul-mouthed included."

Dinah at D.G.S.Beauty
"On our first valentines day together as boyfriend/girlfriend, Chris was 5000 miles away for school for the navy. So to make our first valentines special he sent me a gift everyday of that week."

Tips on making Valentine's Day memorable

Honey at HoneygirlsWorld
"I think that my story of my Romantic Moment states a pretty cool gift (handmade roses), but for me - the thing I strive for the most when buying, planning or making a gift is to ensure that it is something that is unique to him. For example - I may ask him questions about things he may have done or hasn't done or ask his family. While not on Valentine's day... when my husband and I were first dating, I found out he had never seen the Sunrise on top of Haleakala (the dormant volcano where we live and the most popular place for sunrise) and also found out he had never seen a true Lahaina Sunset (the best sunsets in Hawaii). So I planned to have us up at the mountain at 5am to bring in the sunrise and then drive to the other side of the island (a 2 hr drive) to watch the sunset later that day. He says he never forgets that moment... it was special and I took the time to find out what mattered."

Kathryne from TheFabZilla
"My hub also collects vintage action figures so anything that I can add to that is like heaven for him!"


It seems like it all boils down to - know your SO. It's memorable when you show someone you love how much you care by listening all year long and putting thought into what you'd like to do on this special day of love!

Share your most memorable Valentine's Day in the comments below!