Beautisol SUMMER GLOW Body Self-Tanning Lotion & Hammam Deep Exfoliating Mitt Review

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I love to be tan. Back in the day I was a tanning fool. I'm talking not only did I bake for 20 minutes in a tanning bed, but I also used to get spray tanned on top of that. After my wedding back in 2005 I fell off the tanning trend. All of the skin concerns (cancer, wrinkles, etc) were swirling in my mind and I was trying to get pregnant, so it wasn't hard to stop... but oh, did I miss it.

Fast forward through the years & I remained pale. I really missed having a glow. Even though it's all in my head, being tan gave me confidence. Why did I not try at home self tanning lotions or foams, you ask? Well, frankly, I'm terrified. It's absolutely my luck that I'd be a streaky, uneven hot mess and I wouldn't be able to get it off and also not be able to go out in public. So, I steered clear. Until now.

For my first dip in the self-tanning pool I'm testing out Beautisol's Summer Glow Dark Tan Body Self-Tanning Lotion ($39.00).

With any self-tanning product be sure to read the instructions (as well as any tips or tricks on the packaging or website) before use and of course exfoliate! Beautisol has the Hammam Deep Exfoliating Mitt($12.00) that gets the job done but isn't abrasive or damaging to your skin. It fits easily over your hand and doesn't slip off as you slough off the dead skin.

The Summer Glow Body Self-Tanning Lotion is beyond amazing. At first when you pump out the product, especially if you're new to this whole game, you're going to be taken aback. The lotion is a browned olive shade which transitions into a gorgeous bronze as you spread it on your skin. It's smooth and easy to spread evenly without streaks or missing spots. It sets on your skin instantly so as not to transfer onto clothes. Over the course of the next few hours you'll see your tan deepen and develop. If you'd like to go darker, repeat the process the next day.


This product is totally all me and I absolutely am going to be using it every single time I need to, whether it be for an event or just running around in a short sleeve t-shirt or tank. I'm officially cured of my self-tanning lotion fears!


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