Banish Sweat From Your Summer with DEGREE!

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This evening I bring you two helpful products from Degree. Degree Expert Protection 24H Motion Sense for Motion Activated Freshness and Degree Clinical Protection 24H Motion Sense for Motion Activated Freshness.

Why am I saying these products are helpful? Because I bet you sweat. Seriously, even in PA, we're having some muggy and damp days. I'm pretty sure I speak for us all when I say... momma don't want to stink.

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So, basically, does this stuff work? I did some serious testing with it. I tried both on a light day, when I was just hanging around the house, and I didn't feel like it lasted on me. Either one of them. But on a day when I was running my butt off between errands and kids and the like, it worked much better. I still wouldn't call it 24hr protection, but it'll last you the day and it gets the job done.

I'm not a fan of scented deodorants... but that is more of a personal preference... basically if at any time your deodorant doesn't work, and it mixes with the scent... well that can go real sour, real fast.

The difference between the two?

Degree Expert Protection is a solid deodorant and isn't as fiercely wetness fighting as the Clinical, which has a prescription strength wetness protection.

For your viewing pleasure...

Degree Expert Protection

Degree Clinical Strength


For more information on Women's products by Degree, you can check out their website, or look for the brand at your local drugstore!