Bango by PRO Beauty Tools Photos & Review

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If you look good with bangs, I'm jealous of you. I have ALWAYS wanted to have bangs. Sometimes I've tried, thinking, I can totally do this... I just can't. I don't have the face shape for it and no matter what they part in the center.

My daughter, on the other hand, looks ADORABLE with bangs. But her hair grows lightning quick. I'm no good at trimming them myself, so I've been relying on my mother and my sister-in-law for the maintenance. Which, isn't always easy, because of scheduling.

Then I was introduced to Bango. Bango is a product set to make trimming your bangs quick and easy. Two things that are even more necessary when trimming a child's bangs.

Simply comb the bangs, clip on Bango and snip. Done.

Cute, right? The set comes with everything you need to trim your own bangs or someone elses and retails for $19.99.


My only complaint is that it was a little awkward to get the scissors level and close up to the Bango clip, so keep in mind that you'll be snipping less than what is out of the underside of it. Which is probably a good thing so that you're not over-cutting.

Get more info on where to buyBango and other products at the PRO Beauty Tools website.