Avon Cool Bliss Eyeshadow - Sparkling Plum Review & Swatches

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lol... totally reminds me of the mom in Edward Scissorhands.

(here's the trailer, in case you haven't seen it or forgot! It's right in the beginning)

My sis in law is my Avon rep (I'm not gonna lie, I'm a brand whore and don't really order the Avon). She's not like the lady above, she basically just sells to family and friends and rep's so she can get the discount herself. Over the holidays, at one of our million family parties, she brought her Avon books and these awesome shadows that are sort of like MAC Paint Pots. They're in flatter and smaller packaging, and have a cool, wet feel to them. They glide on like shadow and are to make any shadow, or liner that you put on top of it stay put. Like MAC Paint Pots, I need to apply UDPP underneath this as well.
Actually, in terms of comparison, they're similar to the new MAC Mega Metal shadows as well.

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These are SUPER cute and at $5 a pop who can beat it?? Currently they come in 4 shades - the Sparkling Plum, Frothy Mocha, Pebble Stone, and Exquisite Blue. I have 2 more on order. These items are in the Avon Outlet, so it's while supplies last. Get your hands on them while you can by ordering online or contacting your local Avon rep!