Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes Review

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Aveeno, as a brand, is like my best friend. And not the type of friend that is like a drinking buddy best friend, but an honest to goodness best friend that has your back and takes care of all of the crap that you are too lazy to do, but need to do. Like remove makeup.

I obviously wouldn't ask anyone to remove my makeup for me (unless under dire circumstances), but I like to think that a best friend would. Aveeno has makeup remover wipes (who knew?!) that work with sensitive skin, remove all traces of makeup, and smell DIVINE.

When I wear a full on face of makeup, this is not something I'd use as my primary removal tool. You need your cleanser and all of the etc. for that. However, when you wake up in the morning, and your face just needs a refresher... this would be it. It's also good to use when you didn't do your whole face up and just dusted on a bit of powder and blush. Simple removal! OR... to get all that grime off of your face after working out. Gah.


Have you tried this product from Aveeno? I've officially added it to my HG skin care arsenal. My dresser is starting to look like an Aveeno ad.

***Disclosure: This product was received as a Klout Perk. All opinions are my own, and honest.