August 2014 Lacquer Cabinet ~ Nail It! for Nailtini® Collection Swatches + Review

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If you know nails, then you know Nail It! Magazine. Get ready for a fan girl moment, the guest mixologist for the August 2014 Lacquer Cabinet by Nailtini is Karie L. Frost who is the magazine's beauty director!

The Lacquer Cabinet by Nailtini
The Lacquer Cabinet Nail It! Collection

Each card introduces you to the collection and also offers a “Tip Jar” which gives you ideas for mixing the polishes that were sent. In this case, combining finishes and textures is recommended. Two empty bottles are provided for “frankening” but you can also layer sheerer shades on top of more saturated shades.

Nailtini The Lacquer Cabinet Nail It! Collection Nail Polish

Accomplice - is a beetle topper than looks gold, emerald and copper. It's pretty sheer (below is three coats) but it's the perfect topper for your polishes and also makes a gorgeous base with Ritz Fizz.

Nailtini The Lacquer Cabinet Nail It! Collection Swatches
Nailtini Accomplice Nail Polish Swatches

Blue Magic - is a cobalt blue cream. Perfect in two coats.

Nailtini Blue Magic Nail Polish Swatches

Ritz Fizz - a semi-sheer emerald teal that is saturated with different sized glitters in blues, golds, holo... you can't even name it all. Below is three coats.

Nailtini Ritz Fizz Nail Polish Swatches

This collection also came with an offer for a FREE copy of Nail It! Magazine!

Nail It! Magazine Free Issue Offer

The Nail It! for Nailtini Collection arrived to subscribers in August 2014 and (as of this posting) is currently still available to purchase. Purchase a single month’s Lacquer Cabinet for $25, a 6-month subscription for $23/month or a 12-month subscription for $20/month. A true happy hour for hands, each collection offers more than $44 in retail value plus free shipping.