August 2013 RocksBox Photos & Review (Part Two!)

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Maybe you're like... dang, Brooke, two RocksBox in one month?! YEP! That's how fast they receive and ship! It's awesome because if you know that you don't want to wear anything in the current shipment, you can ship it back and quickly get a new set!

For more information on how RocksBox works, check out my first post! On to the goodies in this shipment!

First up, the Chevron Stud Earrings from Gorjana. I loveeeeeeee jewelry from Gorjana. But I don't like Chevron Studs (from any brand). Why? My OCD hates that they move around, so one is upside down and one is sideways... it's just constant moving all day. Can't handle it. Though, I will say these are made well and are affordable. The retail price of this item is $38.00 and the member price is $30.40.


Next, the Double Circle Clasp Leather Wrap Bracelet in Brown from Urban Gem. I loveeeeeee Urban Gem like I love Gorjana, and I love love love this bracelet. But. You have to really know how to work the clasp. It's an illusion type clasp where the circles hook in to each other, but you have to be sure it attaches, or that bracelet is coming right off. The retail price of this item is $50.00 and the member price is $40.00.

Finally, the Copper and Midnight Pendant from Brace Yourself LA. This necklace hangs long, but isn't too heavy. It sparkles in the light and is simply gorgeous. I wanted to keep this. Desperately. I only didn't because of the price tag...just too high for me. The retail price of this item is $165.00 and the member price is $132.00.

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My style is constantly changing and evolving. I love the idea of getting new jewelry any time I want it and not keeping pieces I’ve grown away from. We all have those pieces that just sit in our jewelry box… forgotten. =(


Here is the best part! Yes, there is more! You can get purchase credits for referrals! Let me explain. For every person you refer that signs up for RocksBox you get a $25 referral credit! You also get a $5 credit when you post a pic on Social Media (#rocksbox) wearing your RocksBox jewels!

Wanna sign up? How about 50% off a 3 month membership!Click here and enter code FABB when you check out. After that, memberships can be purchased in intervals of 3, 6 or 12 months.

What do you think of RocksBox? Are you going to check it out?

*** Products provided by iFabbo through their SHOP program. All opinions on this product are my own and 100% honest. For more information, please see my disclosure policy. This post also contains a referral link for RocksBox.