August 2012 GlossyBox Photos & Review

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With Summer winding down and cool weather approaching rapidly, GlossyBox has decided to use their August installment to provide Pure Luxury.

Currently available in 19 countries, GlossyBox has become known for their high quality samples and prestigious brands such as NARS, Lancome, Laura Mercier, and more.


So, what is in the August 2012 GlossyBox? Let’s check it out!

First, from Biolage, we have the ExquisiteOil Replenishing Treatment. It's made for all hair types and is said to give instant shine and weightless replenishment. First off, any OIL is going to give instant shine. It's freaking oil. That being said, I love this product from Biolage! I am a fan of the brand in general, and this is a great addition! I use this product on my ends when my hair is back in a clip or messy bun and I want to take it down. It obviously needs smoothing out and a bit of taming. Keep the oil away from your scalp area so you don't look like you're a dirtball.


Next, from Ellis Faas, we have Ellis Lips Milky Lips in shade L204. I love the product, it was easy to apply, the formula great, and the packaging is exquisite. The shade, however, is ghastly. It's orange. Tangerine, even. No one can pull this off on their mouth and live to tell the tale. And by no one I mean me.

Third, from Ole Henriksen, we have Truth Serum. Don't run away, this isn't going to make you divulge your most intimate of secrets. THIS Truth Serum is here to smooth out your lines and wrinkles as well as keep your skin nourished. The serum doesn't feel too slick and leaves your skin soft after it soaks in. It also smells faintly of oranges.


Next, from Touch In Sol we have Feel like Honey Moon Skin Base. This is a primer to be applied after your skin care but before makeup. Said to firm and revitalize the skin it will also make for better makeup application. Normally, I'm not one for a base for makeup. It just usually doesn't make a difference on me. I HAD to check this out, though. The consistency is unlike any other. It's very much like a serum when it goes on, but isn't sticky and leaves the skin smooth. I tend to get rather oily, so I don't feel like this let my entire face set well, but I did notice that my blush didn't fade.

I've definitely saved the best for last. The Illamasqua Nail Varnish. I freaking LOVE this brands polishes. To get a full size one within a sample box is awesome. I got the shade Taint from the Theatre of the Nameless Collection. I swear to you that is what it's called. (I can just imagine the face my mom is making right now haha). It makes me love the polish even more because not only is the shade gorgeous (like a chocolate brown with a hint of a greenish undertone. In the sun I could have sworn it was olive) but the name is hilarious! Every time I look at my nails I laugh and I'm instantly in a great mood.

This applied well and only needed two coats for full and even opacity.

Overall, this months GlossyBox has been the best that I've received, and that's a high level to measure up to. You get a bit of everything, makeup, polish, skin care, hair care... it's covering all of the bases!


The brands for August are phenomenal and you're definitely getting a good value. Also included with this months box is a hard copy of "Glossy Mag" (see below), which you can also view online.

GlossyBox is a subscription service. You sign up on the website and then from there you can order your subscription based on one month, six months, or a year. You’ll answer a series of questions and based off of that, you will receive a customized box. This is all pretty standard for a beauty subscription service.


The price is a bit higher than that of other services you may have heard of or belong to. At $21 I would expect double the awesomeness of what I’d receive from, say, Birchbox.

GlossyBox will always offer a MINIMUM of five products. After receiving your box, you can fill out more surveys in order to rate the products you received so they can better tailor your next package. So, basically, after a few months of the service, your packages should be PERFECT.

**TIP – Make sure you review the products received in your GlossyBox to receive 20 GLOSSYDots per review. You can use these toward your own free box!**