August 2012 Birchbox Photos and Thoughts

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The August Birchbox literally just landed on my doorstep today! It is a GREAT one this month and focuses on getting back to school with your Beauty School Supply Kit!

First we're greeted with a little Beauty School Pamphlet. Which, BTW, locked the song "Beauty School Dropout" from Grease in my head for the remainder...


But, it's pretty awesome, because inside are tips and tricks on skin care, makeup quick fixes, how to read a label, and more! (Click pics to enlarge).


As we open up the pretty pink tissue paper, we're greeted with the goods...


First off, from Beauty Fixation, we have Makeup Remover. Basically you're looking at a hollowed out Q-tip with makeup remover inside. I LOVE things like this. They're very convenient for travel and will be great for inside your purse or backpack for school. Cost wise, probably too much to use for every day... but perfect for emergencies!


Next, from Comodynes, we have Hydra Tanning Face Moisturizing Summer Glow. These are for the gradual tanning of your complexion for a natural-looking bronze tint. I haven't tried this.... TBH I like the idea of this product, but it's likely something I won't use. My sis-in-law will though! lol

Third, also from Comodynes, are Self-Tanning Towelettes so you can give your body an all over glow to match your face. It's pretty awesome Birchbox thought ahead on that. It's always nice for body parts to match, nah mean?

In this months box, from DDF, we also have a Brightening Cleanser. This is a foaming gel that can fade discoloration and even out skin tone. It's not a full size, but there is more than enough to test out and see if you like it.

Finally, we have a sample of Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur fragrance. This smells AMAZING. Not too floral, but very girly. Spicy. Love it.

As an added bonus this month, they've included a Schick Hydro Silk Razor, which I reviewed here. I'm SO EXCITED because I love this razor, but the back prong kind of gets stuck on mine now (I dropped it) so I can replace it. YAY. Also, coupons on the back for refills and shave gel.

AND, throughout the month of August, Birchbox is donating 15% of proceeds from the Birchbox Shop to Pencils of Promise, with the goal of building a school in Central America.

I thought this was a great and really worthwhile box to have for August. I'm excited to see what is in store for September!


Wanna sign up for Birchbox? (Click for referral) If you like what you see go to the website and fill out the form. It’s just $10 a month (free shipping too!) and you get some cool stuff, tho I will warn you, you’re going to get stuff you hate as well. All in all, for the $10 it’s worth it. I love getting mail! haha

***Disclosure – I buy my own Birchbox, but the link posted in the above paragraph does give me referral points which I can use towards product on the site. Once you sign up for your own Birchbox, you’ll also get a referral code to send out to others and get some points of your own!