August 2011 BIRCHBOX Photos and Thoughts

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Recently ALL over the internet I've been hearing about the company Birchbox and seeing posts about their $10 box of goodies.

The boxes looked pretty good... it's mostly a way to try new beauty items, in the form of samples. Every once in awhile you get a full size product. For more information on this company, you can read their FAQ by clicking HERE.

Now, on to what I received in my very first Birchbox.

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(Oh... HELLO there happy little pink box... I've been waiting for you!)

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(mmm sorry 'bout that... seems in my excitement I cut too deep! Forgive me?)

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(When I opened up the tissue paper, here were the products as they lay inside)

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Befine Exfoliating Cleanser
Befine Night Cream
kate spade new york Twirl - 3.4 fl oz
blinc Mascara
LIFTLAB Lift & Fix™ High Potency Solution
Twistband Hair Tie

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Not gonna lie... I'm a little disappointed. The best thing as far as I can tell in this whole box is the hair tie... and even then I'm a little disenchanted.. Did I set myself up for disappointment? Probably. It was my first time, and I did expect to be blown away by awesomeness. A few other bloggers posted their Birchbox and they got some sort of hair serum, which I would have LOVED to try.

I may or may not review the products I received. I thought signing up for Birchbox would be a great way to branch myself out of my comfort zone and try new things... but as of today I'm not too happy. At this point it's likely I won't continue my subscription. I could get over it and change my mind... there's time.

I really do think the concept is great, and it's always fun to earn free things. It's got its faults. For the first time you always expect the best. There is a beauty profile you fill out when you sign up, so they do try their best to send out things you may like. Perhaps I need to tweek mine.

If for some reason you want to check this program out and would like a referral please leave your email address and I'll send you an email.

It's only $10 a month and shipping is free, so you really can't beat it, especially if it's a month you get a full size product.