ArtClub Glam Nails Review... FAIL

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I'm honestly embarrassed to even post this.

This was my first attempt at "nail stickers". The ones from Sally Hansen and Sephora were pricey, so I always passed. While China Glaze hauling at Sally Beauty I came across ArtClub Glam Full-Fashion Nails in an Instant. First of all... in an instant my fanny. It took longer to get these things on and file them down then it does to actually paint my nails up with 3 coats.

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It just looks a hot mess. It's not sticking well at ALL. I actually didn't think it was TOO bad until I saw the photos. EEK. It WAS my first time with ArtClub Glam Nails... but the fact that they're not even laying on my nail bed doesn't bode well for the longevity of this product.

This product doesn't come with any tools like the Sally Hansen have, which is probably why they were so cheap. I do NOT recommend this product at all. If you want to do it, do it right and get the ones from Sephora or Sally Hansen. I will definitely go for the SH when I need them for a special occasion, because I think the concept is really cool.

I bought these awhile ago, I believe the retail was $4.99. Unless you're REALLY good at applying these, I would pass. It's more trouble than it's worth.