April 2016 BEAUTY BOX 5 Photos, Swatches & Review

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The theme for the April 2016 Beauty Box 5 is Hydration Vacation. Everything in the box is moisturizing, hydrating, nourishing... you get the idea. Which I can appreciate because my under-eye area has been crazyyyy dry the past few months!

Beauty Box 5 April 2016 Hydration Vacation

What is Beauty Box 5Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty subscription service that is curated by a team of beauty experts. With each shipment you’ll receive 5 samples for $12.00 (monthly). You can also choose to save some cash and sign up for $30.00 and be billed quarterly or $99.00 and be billed yearly. Shipping is FREE and your membership also gets you exclusive discounts from partner brands.

Beauty Box 5 contents April 2016

This month I got...

From Maskeraide, All Eyes On Me Hydrating Eye Gels. I'm a crazy person for eye gels! I love the ones from Skyn Iceland and Murad but I love having new ones to test out. These ones from Maskeraide are said to be an "all-in-one treatment to get rid of puffy eyes and fine lines from spring allergies that will brighten, hydrate and firm your skin".

I need all of those things and since I just got off of the train ride from you-know-where I have them on right now. They feel good on and there's a lot of product, which I like. BUT. The product is on the front and back (for a secondary use) which is good, in theory. BUT. Product gets everywhere and it's a hot mess. Having the product on both sides makes it hard to pick them up and then apply to your face (though they do stay on afterwards). The product also gets all over the place. I somehow had it all over my desk and I was very careful. If you purchase these make sure you don't moisturize your hands or anything beforehand because you'll be washing up after you apply the gels.

Maskeraide All Eyes on Me Hydrating Eye Gels review

From Jelly Pong Pong, Paradise Pigments. My shade (swatched below, right side) is called Fig Jam and it's a beautiful blue pink. It sheers out well for a cheek color and lasted the 8 hour test day. It wears well on the lips also and there's a slight tint all day as it fades which I just like to amp up with a clear balm. You'll need very little to get the pigment you desire, particularly on your cheeks! The product sent is FULL SIZE.

From Chella, Passionate Pink Moisturizing Lip Pencil. My shade (swatched below, left side) is called Hello Beautiful and it's also a beautiful blue pink. It pairs up perfectly with the Jelly Pong Pong shade and wears well, though I did need to reapply after eating. I love how it feels and how pigmented it is! This is marked on the card as a full size item and I think that has to be a mistake... because it's pretty small and the retail is $18.00.

beauty box 5 swatches review april 2016

From Global Beauty Care, Green Tea Makeup Remover Wipes. I love makeup remover wipes, like I would be happy to get them every single money in every single one of my beauty boxes. I use certain ones for my face but I use the rest like crazy to remove swatches. These ones are formulated with Green Tea so that they cleanse, nourish, tone and improve the look of wrinkles and dryness. This item is marked as FULL SIZE.

From Soapbox, Sea Minerals Body Wash. So this is amazing! Besides the fact that this body wash smells wonderful and contains aloe vera, shea butter and sea minerals each bottle purchased also gives soap to someone in need. You can find it at Target so make sure you look the next time you go!

Soapbox Sea Minerals Body Wash review

My favorite item out of this box is absolutely the Soapbox Sea Minerals Body Wash because it feels great, smells great and gives back. There wasn't a dud out of this entire box, all items are things I'm going to wear and love. A fab month!

April 2016 beauty box 5 review

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