April 2013 Little Black Bag Photos & Review

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Hmmmmm... isn't it adorable how every month I say I am taking a break from Little Black Bag and then I appear with another bag the very next month. This month they got me because if you opened a Little Black Bag with a pair of shoes you got an extra entry into a giveaway where you could win some Christian Louboutin heels. I wants me some Loobs, ya'll. Of course, I didn't win... but at least I got a great LBB out of the process!


Because of a referral credit I ended up with 4 items in this bag. I wasn't super excited to get any of the jewelry pieces, but I did end up liking two of them, but one broke (more on that later). Trading, again, was just not happening this month. Early on with this program trading was constant, which made the whole process so much fun... but now everyone wants something for nothing so it's hard to actually trade for the nicer items, especially when 50 people all want the same thing and there are only 10 to go around. You've gotta make those trades look good!

This LBB was my first bag where their new system was implemented... meaning the bags were no longer a steady rate, but rather the opening cost depended on what item you opened your bag with. Because my first item was a pair of shoes from Chinese Laundry, I ended up paying $50.90 (including shipping) for all of the items shown below.

First I'll show you the item I opened up the bag with, the Chinese Laundry Doubleclick Strappy Wedge (also on the site in Black). The shoes fit well and look awesome, I'm ridiculously happy that they're even more cute in person than they were on the site. I went up half a size from what I normally wear and I'm really glad I erred on the side of caution there.. my usual size wouldn't have fit.


Next, from Lydell NYC, Hexagon Drop Earrings. These are stunning in person. The website pic does them no justice. They have a nice weight to them but not so much that it would hurt your ears. They will be so perfect and on trend for Summer.


Third, from 1928, the Shell Circle Earrings. I actually thought I'd like these better than the ones from Lydell but they're very light and don't look or feel as nice as I imagined. They're cute, but really not my style.

The fourth piece is a necklace from Jardin and is the Parisian Enamel Disc Necklace. Unfortunately, this arrived to me with the disc detached from the necklace. It seems like it would snap on but after further inspection my hubby told me that a small piece had broken off and that's why we couldn't get the snap to fit. Also, after I wrote to LBB about the damaged piece the enamel decor front fell off the disc. It was a shame, because in person I really liked this necklace =(


Finally, those sock looking things you see in the pic way above are shoe liners from Lemon. They were just an extra thrown in from LBB and I can always use extras!

So, the broken necklace... what happened.

How about I emailed them, sent them a pic and no questions asked they let me pick a jewelry item of the same value and are shipping it to me as we speak. No opening a new bag to get it, no paying shipping... I don't even have to send the broken item back to them! Correspondence was lightning fast, super helpful and polite. Bravo, Little Black Bag! You make me want to buy things from you all day, all my life.

For the replacement I chose this necklace by Carol Dauplaise:

(photo from the LBB site)


How do you think I did this month? Considering their Customer Service is so on point I'd say I did pretty darn good ;)

For information on Little Black Bag please refer to this post.

If you’re interested in opening your own Little Black Bag here is a referral link for you! You know you want to use it! haha

Disclaimer: I purchase my own LBB, but there is a referral link(s) in this post, which gives me credit once you open and bag and it ships. Every member of LBB gets the referral link option.