April 2013 ipsy Glam Bag Review & Swatches

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The April 2013 Glam Bag theme is Pretty in Pink! So, hopefully you like pink and girlie or this month's bag will not be for you. I can take or leave pink, some look horrible on me while others are perfect, there never seems to be an in between in regards to my tone vs. this color.

What you see above is a white makeup bag capped with hot pink. Super cute, but collects dirt like no ones business. The card is basically there to give you the run down of what is in your bag and the discounts you can get by visiting the Glam Room on ipsy.com. The second card gives you a discount code for Generation Beauty.


What’s inside?

Usually I start left to right, but I'm sure your eye was drawn immediately to the sad and shattered blush to the right. It's made by Be A Bombshell and is in the shade Sweet Cheeks. This raspberry pink shade is beautiful and pigmented with a lustrous sheen. RIP.


Next, from Mica Beauty Cosmetics, the Shimmer Powder in Earth. This powder was kind of gritty and glittery, but makes for a lovely pop of pinked lavender n the lid. A great shade for me, personally, because the wrong pink can make me look very sickly.

(L-R: Mica Earth, Be a Bombshell Sweet Cheeks)


From Sation Nail Lacquer for ipsy, a polish in the shade Of Corset I'll Call You. I've heard great things about Sation but unfortunately I'm not a fan of this particular polish. It didn't apply very evenly and the formula was a bit runny. This is my first experience with Sation so I don't know if this is the norm for them, hopefully not. (Below is three coats).

Finally, from Sexy Hair, a small size of the Nourishing Styling Treatment. This product is to speed up your blow dry time and when used on dry hair, to reduce frizz. Something I can always use!


All in all, I’m happy with the bag, definitely worth the $10... it's too bad about the blush, though, as it would have been my fave product from this bag. Regardless, I’m definitely in for May since the value from ipsy remains fabulous!

Ipsy does profile pages now, so here is mine. There isn’t anything there, but I think it’s fun that it’s offered. Hopefully they’ll also go by way of Birchbox and GlossyBox and have a referral program set up or a point system in place for free products. After seeing how awesome this bag was, that is really the only thing holding them back.

Here is where you can go to subscribe to ipsy for a Glam Bag. It’s not a referral.

What do you think about the April Glam Bag? Are you going to subscribe for May? I know I’m looking forward to my next bag!