April 2012 MyGlam Glam Bag Photos and Thoughts

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I just want to preface this post by saying that this is the best Glam Bag I've received in the three months that I've been a subscriber. The February bag was a complete fail... the March bag was MEH and smelly... April... we're much, much better!

Let's start with the bag itself. This months bag is my favorite thus far. It's a metallic pink that makes me think of Jem and the Holograms (a bit of cartoon glitz from the 80's there for ya!). It's the perfect makeup bag or clutch for a night out.

Inside this months bag was a pretty decent array of items. I can't say I'm extremely disappointed in any of it... but lets break it down and see just what I love and what I don't!


First off. I'm SO happy for the absence of 500 cards stuffed in the bag. In the past 2 bags there was a card for everything. It was rather annoying, and fans expressed this. So, THANK YOU, Glam Girls, for listening!


Included in this months Glam Bag was:

~ Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Woodstock. I'm sure we all got different shades, and Woodstock is one I don't have... but is probably the last shade in the universe that I'd ever choose for myself. The size is what I'd call a deluxe mini size... but that's fine by me since I'll likely only use this when I'm doing some crazy type of eye look for blogging purposes. I guess I'm a little sad faced too, because as their "hint" they showed the 24/7 in Perversion... and I thought I would be getting that one... so that was the product I was crazy excited for.

~ DermStore Lip Quench - Moisture Infused Lip Treatment. This has some sort of crazy pine type scent. It's not unpleasant... just different. The product is rather sticky, but I do love to get lip balms and things like that. They are so easy to throw in your bag for anytime. I can't stand having dry lips! Right now this product is free on the DermStore website with purchase.


~ All-Belle Eyelashes. No part of the box is in English, so I'm not sure if these just stick on or you need glue. The website is in English but I have no way of knowing what pair of lashes this is... Either way, I've never used false lashes and I don't have the glue here so I probably won't be using these. If there was a glue included I'd probably try it just for kicks.

~ MyGlam All-Over Eyeshadow Brush and Eyeliner Brush. These two go with the crease brush sent with last months bag. Yes, the one that stunk. If you put your nose right up to the two new brushes you can catch a whiff of the same scent, but the smell DOES fade (I kept it outside on the porch for almost a week. I'm sure my mailman thinks I'm insane.) and the brushes are nice and soft. The pouch and brushes are nice for traveling and if they get lost or forgotten I won't fall apart like if I lost my MAC brushes lol

Overall, I think this month was worth the $10.00. Just barely, but we're getting there.. and I will be keeping my subscription for May.


Since the bags have been steadily getting better it makes me want to believe that the Glam Girls are listening to their customer feedback. On their Facebook page they state that the bags are planned in advance, so we should hopefully still be noticing a nice increase in all things awesome.

You can sign up for your own MyGlam bag at myglam.com for $10 a month. The way they initially charge is a bit odd, so make sure you read up on all of the FAQ stuff. These tend to sell out very quickly. Rather than stalking them on Facebook, or waiting for a notification email, I suggest checking the website once a day, that’s how I ended up being able to sign up.