Another LITTLE BLACK BAG Open Box Video & Review for June 2012!

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Yes... it's another one from June. For the last two months I've opened two Little Black Bags a month. I literally cannot get enough of this service. I open a bag... then something gets released that is just as awesome and I'm too impatient to trade for it... so I open another bag. I did it again for July.... =\ I probably should just work there.

I got lazy with this one and just positioned the camera to show the box while I opened it. It's too hot out so we've been hitting the pool a lot... I'm just too lazy to be presentable when it's a pool day. And my impatience kicked in and I needed to get to the earrings that were in there lol (Which, BTW, I've been wearing the crap out of).

I ended up getting five items in this Little Black Bag. Some I loved, some not so much. I'm excited to show you the goods! I love to show haul videos and this will also help you with your Little Black Bag purchasing and trading by being able to see the products in real time as opposed to pictures where it's hard to judge size and true color.


For information on Little Black Bag please refer to this post.

If you’re interested in opening your own Little Black Bag here is a referral link for you! You know you want to use it! haha

Disclaimer: I purchase my own LBB, but there is a referral link(s) in this post, which give me credit once you open and bag and it ships. Every member of LBB gets the referral link option.