Another January 2013 Little Black Bag Photos & Review

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Wow. This is my THIRD Little Black Bag in January. It's little embarrassing to admit that. In my last bag I had a lot of dislikes, so I took major advantage of the Little Black Bagreturn policy and sent them back to the warehouse to exchange for another item. What that does is basically put a random new item in your next bag. I think that this time the results were much better!

Because of the exchanges plus a free item for a referral I had 9 items in this bag. I was really only disappointed in two of the items, and it was mostly because of quality, not because of how they looked. You'll see!


First, I want to start off with the candle. Basically I forgot to take a separate pic of it so you can check it out in the group pic above. The Goose Creek Candle Co. Sugar Plum Pillar Candle smells amazing and I didn't even have to light it (don't worry, it didn't make the rest of my items scented!). I actually don't plan on lighting it at all, it's more a decorative thing for my bedroom lol I love those colors together!


Next I want to show off the purses, because that is usually what everyone waits for. ;)

The first one is my favorite, the Olivia + Joy Lavish Lady Belted Satchel. In the photos on LBB the bag looked kind of weird... and I wasn't sure about it when the trade came up so I did some searching and found the bag on Macy's, where it looked MUCH nicer. The quality on this bag is amazing. It honestly looks like it could be real leather. And, trust me, I would tell you if it looked or smelled cheap. I'm beyond impressed with this brand! I would have liked a longer strap for wear cross-body and make this hands free, but the handles are long enough so that it fits snugly on your shoulder.


This next bag took forever to trade for. When they put it on the site it sold out FAST and then was impossible to trade for. I got REALLY lucky. I'm a fan of all things animal print so of course this Elise Hope Animal Print Satchel is right up my alley. It's a great size and the animal print isn't too over stated, for those who want to be on trend but don't want to over-do it.


I have been after this Betsey Johnson Crystal & Rose Earring Set through three bags now. No one was trading! I was majorly persistent with these and I'm SO happy that I was. They are adorable and the perfect size. You'd be able to wear them dressed up or dressed down!


Who doesn't need texting gloves? These Steve Madden Reindeer Fingerless Gloves fit perfectly and are warm and whimsical.


This Lydell NYC Stone Circle Drop Necklace looks gorgeous, right? Unfortunately, it's not a love for me. In person it has no heft to it what-so-ever. It actually feels like it would fall apart if you move too abruptly while wearing it. It just looks like play jewelry, which makes me sad because I like the style and how it hangs.


I had basically had the same issue with this Ali Khan New York Faceted Drop Necklace as I did with the Lydell one above. It just looked like something I made (not a compliment) and it's one of the rare times something looked better on the site than in person.


When I saw this Lydell NYC Stone & Chain Bracelet on the site I went back and forth, but ultimately ended up with it. I am in like with it. I would take out the threading through the chain and add in another, more dainty chain to weave through it in silver, gold or both. That would definitely make it a love for me. However, it is nice.


Let's end this post on a good note! I have been looking for a bib necklace that I loved and it's been a heck of a process. Luckily, the Mocha Two Row Crystal Bib Necklace fits the bill perfectly! It's got a nice heft too it and lays exactly where I want it to. It's not understated by any means, but isn't so overstated that it looks ridiculous.


How do you think I did with this bag? I went a little crazed with the LBB ordering over the last 2-3 months so I'm taking a break for awhile until things circulate around a bit. It just gets SO addicting!

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