Announcement - Google Friend Connect Vanishes

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As you may or may not know, Google is doing away with Google Friend Connect (GFC) for any blog that isn't blogger hosted as of March 1, 2012. Meaning, if you don't have a blog via blogspot or some other Google hosted domain, people can no longer follow your blog with that widget. Basically this is their way of making everyone use Google+, which I'm not a huge fan of.

Because when I switched to my own domain and moved my blog over to HostGator (which is wordpress) I will no longer be able to have you guys subscribe via GFC.

It's annoying, because I primarily use GFC to follow all blogs and I know a lot of other people do too. I also used this as my primary widget for readers to keep up to date with my posts.

I hope all 2159 of you will or are following via some other way, because I'll miss you if not =( *insert sappy violin music here*

So, how can you keep up with BlushingNoir?


Well... there are A LOT of options, actually!

Obviously, you don't HAVE to do all of them, but it would be awesome noodles if you did hehe

* LIKE me onFacebook - a little hint... this is the mandatory option for the March 2012 Giveaway going live tomorrow, March 1. So you can get a jump start if you "Like" today!

* Follow me onTwitter - I'm not a huge tweeter, but I respond to everyone and check the feed a few times a day. All of my posts are automatically added to my twitter feed.

* Follow me viaBlogLovin' - this is actually my new primary way of keeping up with blogs. It's nice because once a day you get an email with all of the updates from the blogs you follow. It's like GFC, but delivered right to your email!!!

* Follow me viaHelloCotton - this is a new thing, but I'm loving it! It's a nice run down of new posts. If you haven't already, do check it out!

* Follow me viaRSS - Some people are having issues with this, but I'm told if you're using Google Chrome all you have to do is simply follow via a new browser. I like Firefox and IE.

* Follow me viaNetworked Blogs - This is the system that automatically posts my blogs into Twitter and Facebook, so it's a good one to add as well.

I also have a YouTube (which I should update more), Pinterest, and Google+ (which I rarely update but will try to figure out since this is what is replacing GFC) so you can also subscribe to those, if you are so inclined ;)