Announcement: Blogger Sucks

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As a lot of you may know, Blogger was out of commission for about 20 hours. In that time, they managed to delete all of my blog posts and comments that happened after Wednesday, May 11. I have NO idea if that will be restored, but I'm extremely peeved.

Giveaway info - for those that entered the giveaway and you're not seeing your post... don't worry! I had all giveaway entries transferred to Word. So if you entered between Wednesday and today I still have your info and you're still entered!

I really, really hope that Blogger restores the missing info, for ALL blogs affected. I don't know if it was just a certain amount or ALL Blogger accounts.

I appreciate your patience in bearing with me. I'm not going to post today anymore, just in case things disappear again.

I can always be contacted at blushingnoir at yahoo dot com and I will get back to you ASAP!

Thanks ;)

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Update - they are saying all missing posts will be back in a few hours... here's hoping.