Anastasia CLASSIC STENCILS For Brows Photos and Review

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I have major brow issues. I used to have pretty decent brows. Nothing that anyone would have fallen over themselves gushing about, but they were ok. Then I had kids, hormones kicked my butt and I lost half of an entire brow... and it never came back. Devil brow.

As you've likely seen in my FOTD run downs, I use the Dior DiorShow Brow Styler to fill in and basically create my eye brows. I know brows aren't supposed to be twins, but they SHOULD be related, right? I'm extremely paranoid about them being way too distant of relatives and was on the hunt for something to ease my mind as well as not cost me an arm and a leg.

On a recent trip to Sephora the associate showed me the Anastasia Classic Brow Stencils.

From the Sephora Website:

What it is:
Whether you want to recreate the Anastasia brow shape at home or maintain the general upkeep of the brows after an Anastasia Brow Artist consultation, these stencils are the must-have for your beauty arsenal. Crafted of pliable plastic, these stencils are durable, easy to use and easy to clean.

What it does:
Petite, Slim High, Medium, High and Full Arch Stencils allow you to achieve and maintain a true Anastasia shape at home. Shape brows using Anastasia's Precision Tweezers and fill in brows with the Mini Duo Brush #7 and Brow Powder Duo, all while using the Stencils as a fool-proof guide.

What else you need to know:
This one-of-a-kind set of stencils are available in five shapes to suit any face shape:
Petite Arch- Recommended for small facial features.
Slim High Arch- Recommended for brows in training, growth challenged, thin or sparse brows.
Medium Arch- Recommended for brows with a softer arch that naturally creates less space between the bottom of the brow and the top of the eye.
High Arch- Recommended for brows with a higher arch that naturally creates more space between the bottom of the brow and the top of the eye.
Full Arch - Recommended for the fullest shape and larger facial features.

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There are five stencils in the pack - Petite Arch, Slim High Arch, Medium Arch, High Arch, and Full Arch. You basically line them up to your brow and pick whichever one suits you best. For my first trial I used High Arch, because it seemed to line up best with what I'm already working with.

I found it much easier and quicker to fill in my brows while using the stencil. They don't appear to be twins but they are much more even.

The stencils aren't meant for perfect tracing, but rather something to help steer you into creating YOUR perfect brow. These will give you somewhere to start and provide an easier guide to what will suit your face and your features the best.

I may try a different stencil the next time, but I am very happy with this purchase and feel that I'm well on my way to regaining control of my brows!

The Anastasia Classic Brow Stencils retail for $20 and you can pick them up at Sephora and Ulta.