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Here is something you may not know about me - I have worn prescription glasses since I was 8 years old. I can hardly remember my life before having a pair of frames on my face. It was 1988 and back then there weren't a whole lot of options for frames. Luckily as I grew up and my style began to develop I began to understand that the frames you pick make a statement about your style and your character. has options for every style, whether you're geek chic, trendy or practical. It's fantastic to have all of these choices available because you can really tailor your frames to your own personal style. I love my glasses because they speak to who I am. When I wear them you can see that I'm practical, but enjoy a bit of flair. That is truly what I'm like personality wise.


Below is a video about a girl named Eleanor. I can really relate to her because she's grown up having to wear her glasses all day and for every single activity or event. When you wear glasses that often you have to own them. Eleanor rocks her glasses with every outfit, even using them to flirt with boys!

What do your glasses say about you?

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