Afrin No Drip Pump Mist Photos & Review

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Here's the deal. I have allergies and I have kids. It's safe to say that at least once a month I'm sick. Usually the stuffy kind of sick. DH swears by Afrin. He uses it all of the time. What I didn't like about his choice was that it shot a stream of liquid into your nose. While it worked, it tasted horrible and ran down my throat causing me to gag and be miserable. Because of this I always chose a different brand because the product came in mist form.

Now, Afrin has released a product that combines the best of both worlds. A nasal mist that doesn't make me gag and clears my nose for the long haul, the No Drip Pump Mist.

This decongestant product works quickly and helps you breathe all day and sleep at night. I tend to only use products like this before bed time, but sometimes a stuffy nose can be so miserable you just have to use it all day.


As always, make sure you consult with a doctor before trying any over the counter medication.

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