AcnEase® Acne Treatment System Update + Q & A with Dr. Agnes!

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It's been a little over a month since my first post on the AcnEase® Acne Treatment System and I'm excited to share a personal update with you as well as a Q & A with Dr. Agnes (the CEO of Herborium and natural medicine expert). If you didn't see the first post make sure you check it out here to get the background on how/why my cystic acne came back with a force, why I'm comfortable giving the AcnEase® Acne Treatment System another go (yes, ANOTHER go because I've used it before in 2012 and it worked!) and what the system is all about.

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First off, my update. Since starting the AcnEase® Acne Treatment System regime I haven't had any new acne pop up in any areas of my face or body. This has been a Godsend because they were so painful it made it uncomfortable to even lay down with my face touching the pillow. My face was so bad I didn't even like when people stopped over unannounced because I didn't have time to throw makeup on quickly before answering the door. I know people have worse acne issues than I do, but even the most minor of acne problems can be so devastating to your confidence.

Now, after 5 weeks, my face isn't perfect, but I didn't expect it to be. The acne didn't happen overnight and I don't expect the remnants of mine to disappear instantly. However, I am happy to report that in addition to nothing new cropping up the spots themselves are diminishing. I expect at my fourth update I'll be ready to bare-face the world! Or at least to my readers and to the people that come to my door unannounced!

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After my first post went live a lot of people had some questions which were either posted in the blog post comments, on my social media or emailed to me directly. Dr. Agnes was quick to respond to all of these questions, which was impressive to me because it shows her passion for the product as well as her belief that it can work for anyone when used as directed.

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Check out the Q & A with answers provided by Dr. Agnes below and if you have any more questions or would like the answers explained differently or in more detail please feel free to comment below, on my social media or email me directly!

Question: I'm pregnant, is AcnEase® safe for me?

Answer: "This is really one of very few things on the market that pregnant woman can take (which works) because it is not a chemical drug and is all plant-based with no side effects! It’s safe for those trying to get pregnant, who are pregnant and for post-pregnancy (during breastfeeding). In fact, one of the AcnEase team members who is pregnant now is on it, and got full clearance from her physician. We have not had any adverse reactions noted by our pregnant customers or those that are breastfeeding. We always recommend that you speak to your physician first, and even bring the ingredients for them to review. None of the ingredients are on the FDA’s unsafe or even questionable herbal list.

As a side note, you may want to consider staying away from products containing salicylic acid while pregnant. It’s associated with having adverse reactions (the FDA even cites this). It’s a chemical that penetrates the skin, so why not be as safe as possible during this time?"


Question: I'm in my 20s & have moderate acne breakouts around the time when I get my period. I'm interested in a supplement to help make it stop. Right now I'm on medication for ADHD and when I asked my doctor about the herbal supplement she shook her head and, imo never gave a direct answer. What do you think?

Answer: "There is no adverse interaction between AcnEase and other medications, so one should not expect to see any side effects or a decrease in efficacy. If a person is on an acne prescription, then we tell them not to use the two together since many acne prescriptions have side effects that we do not want to be associated with. AcnEase has no side effects."


Question: When I try new skin care items my skin "purges" meaning I break out. If I start AcnEase will my skin purge? 

Answer: "AcnEase works to restore internal balance and correct the factors that are causing acne pimples to form. For the majority of people, there isn’t a “purging period". Very few individuals experience more acne breakouts in the beginning, and some can also experience it when they stop taking AcnEase in the midst of treatment (chronic acne sufferers will feel the effects of this even greater). You are introducing another change that also changes the physiology of acne, so before it gets better, it may get a bit worse and flare ups may occur. Also take into account that it can take up to 2 weeks for a pimple that is forming at the base of a hair follicle to reach the surface of the skin, so the "old" pimples may be still coming out and this may also explain an immediate worsening of acne. In summary though, in most cases your acne should not get worse. "


Question: Will AcnEase keep my skin from purging when I do try new things?

Answer: "You shouldn’t need to try something new after using AcnEase! It’s a treatment designed to break the cycle of acne - it restores balance to your sebaceous glands that are currently going crazy. If you’re changing your daily skincare regimen, and you try new topical products on your skin, try not to make too many changes all at once. Your skin goes into “protective mode”, and multiple changes can have a negative effect. "


Question: Does this help with PCOS?

Answer: "This helps anyone with any type of acne. You can check in with your doctor to show them what you’re using to treat your acne."


Question: Can this be an alternative to Accutane?

Answer: "Yes it is! Accutane is subject to a class action suit because of its side effects and the generics that are still on the market have the same side effects! Not that we want to even put ourselves in a category with this drug, however, AcnEase works the same way that accutane does in that it eliminates the symptoms from within and prevents it from coming, which is a key to getting rid of this - but AcnEase does this SAFELY without chemicals or side effects. "


Question: Because of the price I'm reluctant to buy. What if it doesn't work?

Answer: "So many people say this to us! Here’s how we rationalize it. First, if you look at the daily cost, it costs what you would spend on a daily cup of coffee. Second, some people spend so much time and/or money on other products over the course of time that it probably adds up to more than what they would spend on this treatment. If someone REALLY wants to get rid of their acne, and if it is really that important to them, they'll work out a way to do it! There also is a 60 day money back guarantee, so you are basically trying it risk-free. Our product works for 96% of users, and we stand by our claims!"


Question: I'll talk to my doctor about it the next time my daughter is in for a check-up. (note from editor: not so much a question but Dr. A still provided a response!)

Answer: Here’s the truth of what will happen, plain and simple. The doctor may or may not know about AcnEase. Some doctors are more progressive than others and some will be weary, naturally. This is where a Mom’s natural instinct comes into play. I can tell you as a Mom that there is NOTHING on the market that is as safe as this for teens and pre-teens! Accutane is supposed to be used for people that have more severe cases of acne - and some teens are being put on birth control! AH! Off-label use! And why play with a teens hormones like that when you don’t have to!? Double AH!!! We have clinical data to support that for ANY AGE, AcnEase is completely safe short and long term - and this does not interfere with hormones!


Question: Once you stop, will it come back again?

Answer: "It really depends on the situation, like if there are more hormonal changes. Many people ask this question too, and some end up staying on AcnEase as part of their skincare regimen or some people ween off the treatment once they’re done (which is what we usually recommend doing). For most acne doesn’t return but for some, again, due to a new hormonal imbalance, it can come back if they’re not currently on the treatment for support. There is absolutely NOTHING on the market that has a guarantee of being acne-free forever, but I can tell you that this product comes very close!"


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AcnEase is available online at Use THIS LINK to help you figure out what type of acne you have, and which AcnEase treatment will be right for you. NOTE: the maintenance treatment is not for a first-time user. One bottle is recommended only after you’ve seen desired results with a treatment that is right for you (ex. mild, moderate, severe). The specified doses provide you with the exact amount of ingredients to work on your acne, therefore, if you start off with a low dose, it will have little effect. You would start on a treatment (ex. mild, moderate or severe) for the first month in order to maximize efficacy. Here are more FAQ's from their website and also an article on how to use AcnEase to get the best results.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee. I LOVE when brands do this. It really proves to me that they stand behind their product and that the results/testimonials are on the level. For your first order for up to 60 days from the original purchase date AcnEase will fully refund you if you’re not happy. Try the product for the recommended 30 days. If after that time it didn’t work for you send back the bottles (both open and non-opened – so save the ones you use up just in case) along with an explanation of why you didn’t like the treatment. For more details on the guarantee click here.

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with AcnEase. All opinions and testimonials are my own. Please make sure you consult your physician before trying any new supplement or treatment. This post and the ones following are meant to educate you on AcnEase and share my own personal experience with using the product.