7 Items You Need to Survive All-Star Baseball Season

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*I felt the magic of swiss herbs in Ricola® Herb & Throat drops as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #swissherbs – All opinions remain honest and my own.

My son spent most of this Summer playing All-Star Baseball. The first feelings you get when your child makes any sort of All-Star or Tournament team for their chosen sport are along the lines of joy, pride, happiness of all kinds.. maybe you cry a bit because you're so happy. After all of that dies down and you swallow the cost of it all you begin to prep for these tournament games. Which, even at this 8 year old level that we're in, are no joke. It's long, hot days in the sun. In fields and areas you've never been to before. My allergies and the allergies of those around me took on new life... which was something I should have expected, but didn't. For real, we were back in wooded areas where we thought we'd find bodies before baseball fields... then out of no where, in a HUGE clearing, are beautiful brand-new baseball fields.

Over this last season, which was my first year as an All-Star Baseball Mom, I learned what I needed to have on hand during games and practices.

Items you need for all-star baseball

Water. Don't say duh. Because I don't mean one bottle. You're at a tournament and sometimes that means 2-3 GAMES. All day. Bring a case. In a cooler so it's cold. You'll need it for your kid, yourself and likely several other kids. Usually coaches have the sports drinks covered in a huge vat in the dugout. If not, grab a few of those too. In addition to drinking water we also brought a cooler of spray bottles and towels buried in ice to cool them off even more. It seems excessive.. until you're in that heat and humidity. Then everybody wants to get in on your ice towel.

Ice Packs. Before this year I had no idea that if you stick ice between your thighs it cools you off almost immediately. In between games these were great to cool the kids down and get them ready for the next game. We found that the plastic brick kind are better than the gel packs for this purpose.

Ricola® Revitalizing Herb & Throat drops. If I told you at least 5 tons of dirt and junk got kicked in my face over the last month from kids sliding into their bases it wouldn't be an exaggeration. I don't even want to think about what I was actually inhaling... germs y'all. My throat owes it's moisture and life to Ricola® Revitalizing Herb & Throat drops. The Chrüterchraft in them has a top-secret blend of 10 natural herbs including Hyssop, which removes tough mucus from the bronchioles. Perfect for soothing relief at the fields!

Ricola Revitalizing Herb Drops #swissherbs

Food. Protein food, hold off on the junk. They'll get the junk, sure, but you don't want a sugar high then in the 4th inning they're all crashing. Beef Jerky, nuts... man food, I guess you could say.

SPF. Every single one of the kids on my son's team (with the exception of one) says "I don't burn, I tan". I tell them I don't care. Cancer, y'all. I always make sure my son has SPF and I offer it to the parents of the other kids in case they want it. It's brutal out there lately.

First Aid Kit. Don't assume the ballpark you're playing at that week will have all the things and you need to also remember that their first aid supplies might be stationed around half a mile away. We found that out the hard way this year when my son slid into second and ripped his knee wide open. ABP (always be prepared).

Extra clothes. At the end of the day your kid will be smelly, dirty, sweaty and radiating heat. A quick change of clothes can make them feel better. And it's a life saver for you because you don't have to smell them the entire way home, which can take up to an hour in our case... without traffic =\

Surviving all-star baseball #swissherbs

Are your kids in sports? What do you bring to their practices or games? Get me ready for next year!

*I felt the magic of swiss herbs in Ricola® Herb & Throat drops as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #swissherbs – All opinions remain honest and my own. For more info on Ricola visit them on Facebook & Twitter.