6 Reasons Why My Dad is Completely Awesome + Nautica Giveaway

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What makes a Dad a "Dad"? Certainly not just blood. Dad is the male anchor in your life, regardless of whether or not he's biologically connected to you. He's that guy that's always there showing unconditional love as your protector, guide and theme park buddy. My dad and I used to LOVE to go to theme parks and go on all of the rides, randomly we still do when the time presents itself. My dad was always around for every event in my life whether it be an event he "had" to be at (such as graduation or a birthday) or an event where it's 100% optional (like a school field trip). He's the very reason I feel I need to be at every single one of my kids life events... no matter what it is.

6 Reasons Why My Dad is Awesome #NauticaforDad

So how do we celebrate this man? The man that earned being not just a Dad but a completely awesome Dad? Father's Day is just one of the ways we can celebrate Dad all year long. In addition to picking up a few of his favorite things I'll also be sharing this post with him. Basically so he has proof positive that I think he's awesome in at least 6 ways ;)

Why My Dad is Awesome #NauticaforDad
  1. The 'stache & tinted shades he rocked back in the 80's. Burt Reynolds who?
  2. He didn't whine (too much) about paying for my prom dress. And, to my credit, it wasn't that expensive. You're welcome, Dad.
  3. He was the best chauffeur. This man hauled me around to competitions for baton for years while I competed with two teams as well as did solos and also high school majorettes. He was at every.single.thing. He even helped set up and break down events because he was usually the only dad in the room. And.. muscles.
  4. Green beverages are his jam and he's incredibly excited that they exist. Just look at the picture. He's into it.
  5. He plays catch with vim & vigor. And doesn't seem too shocked about the bendy thing my daughter is doing... in fact he's definitely more concerned about his posture for catching that ball...
  6. He smells nice. Mostly. Here's why. The man loves his pure garlic. If he could shove it in his mouth by the fistfuls he would.. and tbh he probably has. But he also knows a good fragrance. Which brings me to part of his gift this year...
Father's Day Gifts #NauticaforDad

My dad works very hard and always has his entire life, but he also likes to kick back. He loves to go on adventures and vacations. He's that type that just decides on a Friday (or maybe a Thursday, I don't judge) that he needs a little vacation, goes to the airport and picks a destination. Usually it's somewhere in Florida, though (LOL)! The Nautica Voyage Gift Set at Macy's is the perfect choice to add to his Father's Day haul because it includes a 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette, 2.5 oz Aftershave Balm, 2.5 oz Shower Gel, and 1 oz Eau de Toilette (<----- for his traveling!).

Nautica Voyage Gift Set #NauticaforDad at Macy's

I picked this set up at Macy's in the Men's Fragrance Section (pic below) where it's priced at $65.00 (buy it here). It's a great deal because the retail is $128.00 so the discounted price fits nicely into my budget and allows me to pick him up a few more of his favorite things like a candle (he loves candles more than me and it's probably his fault I buy them so often) and a gift card from Macy's (which, no joke, he wants for every single occasion that I buy him a gift for which is why I included it because what you see in the pics is literally what he's getting for Father's Day).

Macy's Nautica Fragrance #NauticaforDad

You guys I just realized as I was looking at those throw back pics to the pics of today... my Dad still rocks tinted shades. Some things never change ;) Yet another reason I love my Dad! Sidebar I'm glad the 'stache is no longer. Only cool in the 80's, pops!

Who's the father or father figure in your life that you love to celebrate?



Nautica for Dad

Details: 1 Grand Prize Winner will win a $4,000 Cruise Vacation Package - 5 Second Place Winners will win a Nautica Men's Fragrance Gift Package. Winners must be 18+. All info is listed in the Terms & Conditions on the giveaway widget above.

*This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NauticaforDad #CollectiveBias