500 Follower Giveaway - TEASER ONE

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Your first teaser photo(s) for the upcoming 500 follower giveaway!!

(Hey Sailor, Life Preserver, Lighthouse, Starboard, First Mate, and Ahoy!)

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(White Cap, Sunset Sail, Knotty, Sea Spray, Pelican Gray, and Below Deck)

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Why, yes... that IS the entire China Glaze Anchors Away collection! All brand new and maybe for YOU?!

Hmmmm... what else is in store? Keep checking in to find out ;) and once 500 followers clicks, the giveaway will go LIVE! Tell your peoples! As of right now only 58 more followers to go, we're THAT close!

**The polishes pictured in this post were generously donated by China Glaze for the BlushingNoir 500 Follower Giveaway Celebration.