4 Tech Gifts for Dad on Father's Day

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Father's Day isn't exactly right around the corner but when we're talking tech, we need to talk early. Tech gifts can get pricey, but it is so worth it to see pops smile big when he's got a brand new man-toy to play with! For this post I'm going to share my top 4 picks for Dad this Father's Day and, of course, why!

Top Tech Gifts for Dad

1. Streaming Media Player. My dad steals all of my movies. He comes in and asks to borrow and then likes them and says he's keeping. All I have here left are Disney because Dad's truly are not interested in 101 Dalmatians and don't pretend to be after you hit age 8. If I get him any sort of Streaming Media Player (and also set it up for him and teach him to use it or, let's face it, it'll be worthless) he can watch anything he wants at any time. WE ALL WIN.

2. DROID Turbo Sapphire Blue by Motorola. Since my dad has traded in his flip phone he's become somewhat of a Smartphone snob. TBH he's adorable but we don't tell him that because then it encourages his snobbery ;) The DROID Turbo Sapphire Blue by Motorola is a powerhouse in terms of it's processor, performance, 48-hr battery life (what the what?!) and also charges 8 hours of power in just 15 minutes. The display is sharp and the water-repellent nano-coating and Corning Gorilla Glass help protect the device from spills and scratches. My pops is clumsier than me, so that feature is particularly important. Maybe because he steals my DVD's I can get him this and "borrow" it and just say "hey, I like this thanks".

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3. SmartWatch. Speaking of Android my brother-in-law got this amazing Android compatible watch for Christmas this past year and I was immediately obsessed with it. My dad isn't super techie but even he kept going "hey lemme see that again" or kept asking questions. My BIL's job doesn't allow him to be on his phone for any reason but he has a daughter and feels better knowing that her day care provider can get in contact with him directly if needed rather than going through 3 or 4 people before reaching him. When you get a call or notification the watch vibrates slightly. This would also be great if your dad loves his fitness because you can also download apps to it and even control your music player.

4. Digitsole. If the dad in your life is into his fitness, particularly walking and running, he will obsess over the Digitsole. This device is to be inserted into the insole of your shoe to keep track of your daily steps, calories burned and even keep your feet warmer ;) <--- that's real talk, though, it has heating. The data is transmitted via bluetooth.

Also... did you guys see that they finally made an actual hoverboard?! If you don't know what I'm talking about when I say hoverboard please do yourself a favor and watch Back to the Future II and don't call me old. It's expensive but if you have the dough do it and then invite me over ;) For testing purposes, of course.

What tech gifts have you seen release lately that you think the Dad in your life would love?

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