4 Must-Haves from Jouer Cosmetics

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While at The Makeup Show this past May I finally got to get my hands on several products from Jouer Cosmetics. I've tested a few items in the past from sample box subscriptions, but still never bit the bullet and blindly ordered product. The biggest reason for this is that there isn't anywhere local (that I'm aware of) that carries this brand for me to swatch and see what I liked. In hindsight, I should've just went for it, because now that I have tried them in person there isn't one product that I don't like.

When I arrived at TMS the Jouer booth was the first one I went to. I went to New York with the intent to get some Jouer in my hands. I ended up leaving with 4 pieces that I'm in love with, so that means they're must-haves and you need them too!

4 Must Haves from Jouer Cosmetics

The Top 4 Must-Haves from Jouer Cosmetics:

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  • Golden Luminizing Moisture Tint. Upon my initial trip to the booth I asked the girls what the best selling product was. I was immediately handed the Luminizing Moisture Tint. I chose the shade Golden because of the season, but they also make a Matte Moisture Tint in Nude. This feels fantastic on my skin and really makes a difference in how my entire makeup look comes together. There is a lot of product, so I don't imagine I'll need to repurchase any time soon, but when that time comes it'll be happening.
  • Renaissance Creme Eyeshadow Crayon. While this stunning deep eggplant purple caught my eye for purchase every single one of the Creme Eyeshadow Crayons are equally fabulous. Perhaps you saw my extremely crap-tastic Instagram photo of them. Please note, they are much more beautiful in person and the blue shade (Avant Garde) will be one of my next purchases.
  • Peony Moisturizing Lip Gloss. I fell so hard for this. The shade is perfection and it feels amazing on the lips. I'll never be without it. Ever. I also posted a peek of this on Instagram.
  • Meredith Hydrating Lipstick. I picked up a lipstick right before I left for home after the second day of the show. I was hanging out and waiting for my step-sis to buy something at another booth so I decided to play with the lipsticks. I fell in love with Meredith immediately. It's exactly the shade I love to wear and the formula is fantastic. It looks gorgeous layered with Peony Lip Gloss too!

What are your top picks from Jouer?

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Jouer Cosmetics products are available at jouercosmetics.com and the Nordstrom site. You can also purchase some products on Birchbox (where you can use your points to get the products for free!).

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