3 Simple Rules for the Ultimate Holiday Party Featuring Walgreens Holiday Guide #HappyAllTheWay

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Did you just now decide it would be cool to have a holiday party? It probably sounded like a great idea at the time, but now it's the day before and regret is setting in. If you're that spur of the moment type you might start to panic a bit that you committed to this event in your home that you are in no way ready for. Take a deep breath... Imma help.

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The Walgreens Holiday Guide is now your best friend. Flip through and check out all of the party snacks from the Good & Delish brand. Lots of snack ideas at a great price. While you're there join the Balance Rewards Program to save even more money. It's free to join and literally takes one minute to sign up.

Three things people will remember about your Holiday Party & rules for doing it right:

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  1. The music. Be your own DJ and do up a playlist. It's free and you're not putting the life of your party into someone elses hands. One less thing to worry about during the event!
  2. The hostess (or host). If you're frazzled the whole time and stressed out, constantly running around cleaning up after people and washing dishes... people will notice. The last thing you want to do is make your guests feel awkward or unwelcome, and that is exactly how those actions will make them feel. Pick up a bit, but relax yourself and have a beverage.
  3. The food.  Arguably the most important factor in your soiree. It needs to be good, on theme (aka please don't use your leftover Halloween candies in the snack bowls) and perfect for snacking quickly so as not to interrupt important conversation. Nothing will hit your guests sweet tooth harder than chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

Good & Delish has premium snacks and excellent choices (such as ice cream, chocolates, nuts and gourmet appetizers) for holiday party snacking.

Two of my absolute faves are the Good & Delish White Fudge Drizzled Pretzel Rods and the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Charms.

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For your healthier guests (it's the holiday's go ahead and cheat, girl!) things like salsa and chips as well as chocolate covered raisins (it's yogurt... so that's better... right?!). And pretzels are okay too right? So what if they're covered in yummy chocolate peppermint goodness. What happens at the holiday party stays at the holiday party.

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Keep the little ones bellies full with serving sized packages of Good & Delish Chocolate Chip Cookies (...and maybe an Elf or two to keep them in check... he's watching, y'all).

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What snacks do you like to serve at a holiday party?

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