Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadow Swatches + Review

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It's not easy to find a good, liquid eyeshadow base let alone one that also doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I love to use these types of bases to really make my shadows pop, but seeing as how they're not the product that will actually be showing, I'm not looking to spend a lot of $$$ on them. With that in mind I was really excited to have received the Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadow ($4.99 each) shades in the mail because they look gorgeous, are metallic and incredibly affordable.

Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadow

Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadow

What They Are: "A lightweight, fluid shadow that can be used as an all over eye shadow or along the lash line as a brilliant liner."

12 shades are available in:

  • Snowflake // icy metallic white
  • Meadow // light metallic sage green
  • Twilight // metallic lilac
  • Rose Bronze // metallic red with shifts of bronze
  • Purple Haze // deep metallic purple
  • Gold Dust // metallic yellow gold
  • My Blue Heaven // metallic sky blue
  • Destiny // light metallic bronze
  • Enchanted Forest // mossy metallic green
  • Royal Orchid // intense metallic orchid
  • Penny Arcade // classic metallic copper
  • Midnight Sky // dark metallic navy with specks of blue glitter
Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadow applicator

Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadow applicator

How to Wear:

For an eye shadow I personally apply these with my finger. I'm not a fan of this type of brush applicator for a fluid/liquid shadow and I feel that using your finger helps it apply and look a lot more even. Use your finger to apply all over just the lid area. If you get it in the crease it won't live. Keep your eye closed to semi-closed to keep it from transferring. Once it dries (which is quick enough) it'll stay put. Make sure when you're applying shadows over-top of the Fluid Shadow you're patting it on rather than using swishing or pulling motions. 

If you want to use the Fluid Shadows as an eye liner I recommend putting down a pencil base first for full opacity and then using a separate, slanted liner brush for precision application.

Wear Time:
I did have to wear this product over a secondary primer such as Urban Decay Primer Potion. When I did that and set them with eye shadow on top I got around 8 hours of wear before there was some fading/creasing. It's important to note that my lids are incredibly oily so someone with drier lids might have a longer wear time. There were also no claims, that I saw, on wear time or that these wouldn't crease as a base.

Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadow swatches

Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadow swatches

Final Thoughts:
While the Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadows aren't perfect (I'd love to see them last all day and be more opaque overall) I feel that for the price they're an excellent way to amp up your regular powder shadows and feel it's worth picking up your fave colors. 

Pick up the Jesse's Girl products now on the Jesse's Girl website, Amazon and at Rite Aid stores.