Fabulous Hair Starts at the Scalp!

This post was sponsored by Head & Shoulders. All thoughts, opinions, and results are my own.

We discuss dry skin a lot on here but never really touch on dryness at the scalp. I think it’s common misconception that because you have an oily crown you’ll obviously have an oily scalp. I’ve discovered that for me, personally, this is not true. My crown is oily as all get out but in the colder months still gets that itchiness that is associated with dryness. Itchiness means irritation and, gag, embarrassing flakes.

Head & Shoulders – healthy hair starts at your scalp!

Head & Shoulders offers flake-free, beautiful, smooth and healthy hair whether you suffer from product overuse, sweat, too much styling – everything! It provides relief for the toughest dandruff cases while still moisturizing and protecting so that your hair can feel healthy and look fab. 

Head & Shoulders Ingredients

Head & Shoulders Green Apple Shampoo fights dandruff with the great scent of green apple, leaving hair smelling great AND it’s also a pH balanced, gentle shampoo for daily use on all hair types, including colored or chemically treated hair. It removes up to 94 percent of dandruff irritants!

The magic, active ingredient is pyrithione zinc, which has been proven in hundreds of clinical trials to get rid of dandruff when used regularly. Use Head & Shoulders Shampoo for approximately 3.5 – 6 minutes for the best results. Contrary to what you may have heard daily use will NOT dry out or damage your hair. Head & Shoulders has been around for over 50+ years and they are the number one anti-dandruff shampoo in the United States… which speaks volumes to their credibility.. 

Head & Shoulders Green Apple Shampoo
Straight, healthy hair

With a product like this that takes care of 100% of flakes you can feel confident in that LBD for the holidays. You can find the Head & Shoulders Green Apple Shampoo and many more affordable Head & Shoulders products on Amazon! Having your hair products shipped to your home is a huge time-saver – which is a major necessity this time of the year!

This post was sponsored by Head & Shoulders. All thoughts, opinions, and results are my own.

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